Am I just getting old, or.....???

Okay, okay, I know I'm not really getting old, but, was it just me or were the recent VMA's seriously weird? I don't think I really enjoyed (or got) any of it, and it left me feeling like "maybe I'm not in the MTV demographic anymore, because I didn't get that at all."

Some of my issues with the whole thing (when I say whole thing I mean the pre-show and the first 15 minutes, because I couldn't handle much more after Kanye's outburst):
-The pre-show was a jumbled mess of no one really knowing what was going on, and focused in large part on who was "tweeting" about what/who, and just how quickly viewers were writing in!
-Madonna's Michael Jackson tribute speech was depressing and very weird. She made it a lot about herself, and seemed to focus on Michael's struggles instead of just celebrating his strengths- music and dance! Was anyone else awkwardly watching this whole part?? The dancing part that followed with Janet was very cool though.

-Kanye's outburst over Beyonce not winning Best Female Video, while Taylor Swift accepted her award was the major downfall of the night. I honestly don't even know what to say about how ridiculous he really is, but I guess given his past behaviors we shouldn't really be surprised. I suppose most everyone hated this part though, and it's not like MTV planned it?!?!
-Lady GaGa's various random outfits (see pictures below) left me dumbfounded again and again. Seriously, I really think the girl has talent, but what does she really look like? She always looks like a costumed freak... but maybe that's the look she's going for? I liked her performance for her new song Paparazzi...that is, until the end when fake blood started coming out of her costume and she pretend "died".
Oh well, I give up trying to make sense of it all. I wonder if it was just me that felt this way, and I'm just not as pop culture savvy as I used to be; or if MTV just didn't quite pull it off this year.

(More coming later today on the super easy dinner I made last night).


Tracey said...

I didn't watch the VMA's. Like you, I'm over it! I do want to comment on Lady Gaga. She is a costume whore! Please check out my favorite costume so far, http://thestylepenguin.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Lady-GaGa-Kermit-the-Frog.jpg
Although I think the red number(picture 3 in your blog) she wore during her acceptance speech could be a close second.
All in all, she's crazy!