Ellen on Idol

After a few years of despising Idol, I must now confess that I'm obsessed. I absolutely love the show, and have been following it religiously for the past 3 seasons. Last season when they brought on Kara Diogaurdi I was a little frustrated because I was convinced that she was going to disrupt the obnoxious harmony that was the judge's table. Well I have to admit, I was wrong, because I found myself usually loving Kara, and becoming more and more annoyed with Paula. Paula was great in the fact that she provided lots of (possibly drug induced) humor, and that she always found something positive to say and cheer up even the worst of the contestants, but those hideous outfits and incessant rambling drove me nuts. When Paula decided not to return because of salary disputes, I had mixed feelings, and couldn't decide if I was relieved or bummed they let her go.


Now though, I rejoice in the fact that Paula is gone, because Ellen is joining the cast! I love Ellen, and I just know she'll bring some serious comedy to the show (unlike Paula's comedy that was more like making fun of her, and was not intentional on her part whatsoever). Ellen has always been a huge Idol fan, and I think she will only make the show more successful than it already is. I can't wait for January now... I think it will be a great season! What do you guys think? Will she make the show even better?



Deirdre said...

Ditto on all your points :) Glad we'll be "Idol-izing" together!

Tracey said...

I agree! I only wish the season would start earlier! Now if I can just convince Dylan to watch with me. :)