Emmy's 2009

Yeah, I know I said I'd get to this yesterday.... I lied!

Anyways, after watching the Emmy's I realized that I don't really watch too much Emmy worthy TV! What no 90210, Grey's Anatomy, or Brothers and Sisters surprise victories?? I'm shocked!! Well, not really, I have a TV problem, and now apparently it's a "bad" TV problem because about the only winning show I've ever seen was 30 Rock! After all the hype of Mad Men this fall though, I'm thinking I might need to start tuning in to this one as well (after I catch up on the first 2 seasons via Netflix of course).

Now to the fashion... overall I thought it was pretty blah, and no one really WOWed me.
Here are my picks for worst dressed:

Patricia Arquette's dress itself wasn't all that offensive, more it was just the way that it didn't fit! Her chest was literally exploding out of this dress!
Now, Kyra Sedgwick's dress is interesting to me because after researching Best and Worst Dresses lists, she's been evenly split between the two. Some people love it, others (like me) hate it. Maybe it's the color? Maybe it's the flowers? I dunno, but it's definitely not working for me.
Patricia Arquette photo from tvguide.com
Kyra Sedgwick photo from americasuperstarmag.com

Here are my picks for best dressed:

I'd never heard of January Jones (Mad Men) before the Emmy's on Sunday night, and I think she's just stunning! Although this dress is a little armor-like, I think it's really cool and looks great on her! I also really kind of like her name... maybe? Thoughts?

Now Blake Lively (although pushing the class envelope a little) looks fabulous! I mean, yes it revealing, but if you looked like that, can you honestly say you wouldn't wear that dress?? Now I do kind of have a problem with the 3 foot long platinum ponytail braid. I just think she could have added some more class to the look with a more classic do.
January Jones photo from americasuperstarmag.com
Blake Lively's photo from examiner.com

Now one last look has me stumped... I can't decide if this is cute and Grecian, or just bad? What do you think of Leighton's Emmy dress?



Randi.Stock said...

You have GOT to watch Mad Men! my roommates and I are all obsessed. We got the first two seasons from work and literally devoted whole weekends to them. We were all so caught up that the biggest roommate crime we could commit was watching episodes without someone. This season is so good. Catch up quick and let me know what you think! :)