here we go...

After blog stalking for a few months now, I figure it's time I start my own. My fascination with blogs all began in the very beginning of my wedding planning, less than a year ago, when I googled Lela Rose wedding gowns, and stumbled upon Style Me Pretty. I then had an epiphany, "so this is what a blog looks like," and was hooked.

bridal gowns by lela rose (all images from brides.com)

From there I found other wedding blogs, and followed nearly every link, leading me to some amazing blogs written by all kinds of people. I have found so many blogs that I love, whether they're about weddings, fashion, crafts, cooking, books, or motherhood; and given that I'm constantly reading other people's contributions to the crazy blogging world, I figure it's only fair that I too start contributing. I also must give the recent film, Julie and Julia, some credit. Watching Julie's blogging adventure, gave me some serious courage of my own.

It's very likely that no one will read this blog (besides my sister, mom, and maybe a few close friends that would feel guilty otherwise), but I think I'll do it anyways. so, here we go....



Aunt Brigette said...

Hi Peyton. If it wasn't for Bri I wouldn't be able to even find where to make a comment to your cool,new & trendy blog. I'm feeling older by the minute so it's good that you're pushing me to try new things.
I'm also impressed with your drive to blaze a new path with your available time. Wish I could say the same for myself but that is where the feeling old part comes in.
Anyway, looking forward to checking your blog often & maybe I could turn back some time :-)