Our Weekend

Well, needless to say the weekend went WAYYYYY too fast! I was relieved to not have work this weekend, (since CAhusband was in Vegas all last weekend) and we were actually able to get some stuff done!!!

The main thing we accomplished this weekend was working on adjusting our flights for Charlie and Christina's wedding, which is so close I can't stand it. We can't wait!! I thought this flight changing stuff would be easy.... I was wrong!

Here's the story:
We were originally hoping that CAhusband could claim some vacation days before they had actually been earned and we could make a vacation of it! We originally planned to leave on a Tuesday and return Sunday, but have since learned this isn't possible and CAhusband was only granted Thursday and Friday off. All along we knew this was a possibility though, so we were smart and got flight insurance. Smart... riiiiight, flight insurance....a total crock!!! Due to the fact that I'm looking forward to an escape from the desert and some QT with Christina, I'm still leaving Tuesday, but we still had to change CAhusbands flight. After spending an hour on the phone with Expedia, I learned that flight insurance is only helpful is you die, are hospitalized, or can prove a loss of job (INSURANCE IS A WASTE unless you are dying of an illness). $525, and an hour later, CAhusband's flight is changed... finally, but what a hassle! He'll now fly all night Wednesday, and meet up Thursday morning in Virginia!

Other than that I finally got all of the wedding pictures uploaded to Shutterfly so that people can see them all, and buy some prints if they want. I'm so glad that I finally got this accomplished, and boy did it take awhile. Follow this link if you'd like to see them: nickandpeytonsweddingpictures.shutterfly.com

We also finally got a land line!!!! WOOHOO! Now in 2009 CAhusband and I were nothing but against paying for a land line, but out here next to the mountains we have NOOOO cell phone service. In order to have cell service in our place you have to stand right next to the window. Forget even switching the phone to my other ear... I've already lost you!!! We're hoping this will be a huge improvement, as dropped calls, and missed voicemails have been plaguing our lives since we moved in!

Well, I think that's it for now... I had a really great/relaxing/productive weekend, and am looking forward to the Emmy's tonight! I'll let you know my thoughts in the a.m. before a 9 hour shift at JCrew! How I'm going to stand for that long I'm not quite sure... I wonder how many sweaters I'll board fold???



Randi.Stock said...

Peyton! Spent the last few minutes reading your blog and you, my friend, are the cutest thing ever. This is so fun.. keep them coming! Miss you!