I'm New Here, Wanna Be Friends?

It's pretty common for me to come home from work (JCrew) and have the following conversation with CAhusband.

CAwife: I'm such a loser.
CAhusband: Well, yeah, I know.
CAwife: No, seriously, at work today I met my future best friend.
CAhusband: Ohhhh reallllllly?
CAwife: Well, this girl came in, she's about our age, she picked out all of my favorite clothes in the store and was super nice. We really hit it off, and I just really wanted to say, "I'm new here, wanna be friends?" From talking to her, it seemed like we would have lots in common, I REALLY DO think we could be friends.
CAhusband: You're right, you're a loser

Now, all humiliation on my part aside, I find myself thinking this and having this conversation with Nick several times a week. I feel like there must be people out there (mainly the CA desert, because well, I do have friends, they're all just too far away) that I can become friends with, but how? You can't just meet a random person in a store and say, "You look like fun, you're probably normal, AND we have the same taste in clothes. (Notice how deep of a person I am) Wanna hang out?"
I mean seriously, what would you say if someone said that to you?
I'm stumped... I totally want to make some friends out here, but really don't want to get laughed at or be humiliated! Maybe these super cute, letter press calling cards are the answer? Hah, maybe not? They are cute though aren't they?



*~Miss Molly~* said...

Haha...I love reading your blog in the morning, it always starts my day out with a good laugh. Then I usually read your posts again to Jonas before we head to work and get another good laugh. You really should take up journalism! Anyways...don't you have any potential friends as co-workers at JCrew? I didnt have any friends until I started working so I completely understand the feeling. It got so bad mom and dad almost set me up on what seemed like a date with the girl who worked at the wine store at The River! You will meet people I promise, just give it time. I would try and hook you up with some of my CAfriends from work out there, but something tells me you wouldn't click. I dont think they have your same taste in clothes :-/ sorry. MISS YOU TONS!!! Hope to see you soon!