A Wonderful Virginia Wedding

CAhusband and I got back late last night from one of the best weekends ever! We enjoyed a wonderful wedding weekend with close family and friends, and simply had a FABULOUS time.

Charlie and Christina's Virginia wedding at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA was nothing less than spectacular! The leaves were changing, the temps were mild and perfect, and everything fell into place for a perfect wedding with southern charm.
Needless to say, we went out every night, drank lots of wine, and celebrated Charlie and Christina. All in all, the weekend was perfect. Sadly, I sucked at taking pictures, but here are some good ones below....

1. Christina, myself, and CAhusband out at The Virginian Thursday night. Didn't really plan on rocking head to toe JCrew to the bars, but oh well, if it must be done, there's no where else I'd fit in better than at UVA.

2. CAhusband and I out after the rehearsal dinner Friday night. I'm really wishing I got a head to toe shot of my outfit, because I really loved it! Oh well....

3. All of the Mrs. Sursas! Wasn't Christina was such a beautiful bride?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!



Tracey said...

Christina looks beautiful! As do you and Claudia!