Girl's Night

My sister is here, and luckily it just so happens to be Fashion Week at El Paseo.  Needless to say, the opportunity to hit a fashion show was the perfect excuse to have a girl's night out! 

The event we went to was tons of fun, and was the 2010 FIDM debut for their most promising students.  All 10 designers featured an entire collection, and overall I was very impressed.  They were incredibly talented, and it was way better than most things seen on Project Runway!  I also swear that one of the models was Lisa from last season.

Luckily I actually remembered to take my camera (and USE it); however, my photography skills are seriously lacking.  The only pictures that actually turned out are the ones other people took... go figure (yes I have just an automatic camera, nothing fancy here, and I still can't take a decent pic)!  So unfortunately there are no pictures of the incredible fashion, but I did get a few of my with my favorite girls!

My mom, sister, and I

Molly and I

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics that turned out with the other two girls that we went with, but the 5 of us had a great night out!

Oh, and did you notice my fancy convert to black and white technique?  For some reason I only like pictures of myself in hues of grey.  Does anyone else do this to pics of themself too?

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Chanel Fashionista said...

oh how fun! cute picture!
hey I think you mentioned you know some people who have been to the Kentucky Derby. Do you know how fancy/formal it is? I am trying to make sure I am not underdressed!

Virginia Belle said...

This looks like so much fun and right up your alley :) I know you are loving having Molly in town for a few days!

Tracey said...

Your hair is so long! I love black and white pictures too!