Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday!  Unfortunately he's been out of town for over a week, but he'll be home very soon so that we can celebrate as a family this weekend, and I can't wait.  I feel so fortunate to be near my parents again so that we can celebrate birthdays and holidays together, which was pretty difficult when we were over 2000 miles apart just 1 year ago. It has definitely been great to be able to get together for Sunday night dinners, and have family birthdays without having to worry about a flight! : )

Living near my mom and dad again has been so nice, and they're definitely one of our favorite couples to get together with.  I love the fact that my dad and CAHusband are best buds and get together to golf at least once a week, and that they're just a few miles away when we need something.  My dad is funny, loving, and is the best dad I could ask for! 

Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you and can't wait to celebrate when you get home soon!!

Photos by Megan W Photography

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Mrs. Hesson said...

Love love love these pictures of you and your dad. I think that the father/daughter dance is something you never forget about weddings. So sweet :)

Alissa said...

Happy Bday to your dad! I'm a new follower and a fellow CA girl.

Deirdre said...

I'm in tears right now... we are so lucky to have you guys here and try to never take a minute of it for granted. Luv you bunches, Mom


Very sweet pictures of you and your daddy : )