J.Crew (Pt. 1 Recent Purchases)

When all else fails and I'm not feeling creative, I stick to my J.Crew posts. 

Why?  They're super easy, and people seem to like them.  This one will come in two parts: 1. Items I've Purchased and Love, 2. Items Currently in my Imaginary Shopping Cart

We only got a full size run in this t-shirt, and it sold out in the fist day.  It's so cute IRL, and the colors really stand out.  It looks great with jeans, shorts, etc., and I really love it!  Unfortunately this shirt has some major issues when washed, and should probably be tagged at Dry Clean only.  I didn't completely ruin my shirt after handwashing it, but it definitely needed some TLC. 

Disclaimer: I must add that I'm glad I saw this dress in person, rather than the pics online. I think the dress on the form looks nice, but on the model I think it looks awful! This dress is much better IRL; the online pics do not do this dress justice.
Now, last year I was too afraid of the maxi dress trend.  I don't know why, but something really scared my about a 5 ft. long dress.  When we got this dress in the store I didn't think much of it, but was asked by my manager to try it on so she could see how it looked and I fell in love.  The cut through the chest and back is very flattering, but SIZE DOWN!  This dress is very roomy and I needed an XS.  People much smaller than me just may not be able to make this dress work.  I grabbed the papaya color, but also love the grey.  I can't wait to wear this light weight and flowy dress on the super hot days we have coming very quickly!

Now, this is pretty trendy for J. Crew, but I fell in love with it!  Again, we just got a full size run in this top and it sold out in the first few hours our store was open.  It's looks fabulous when styled just like the model in the pic.  I wore it with skinny jeans and a white fitted t-shirt, then topped it off by belting it with a brown belt and matching brown gladiators.  When I tried it on, I honesly wasn't sure if I would like it belted, but it  looked adorable and is my new go-to outfit for a cute and casual night this spring.  If you ever come across this vest in your store, grab it quickly, I got tons of compliments on it!

 Honestly, I probably wouldn't have grabbed these had I not needed some more "teacher" pants, but I love them.  They're so light and comfortable, and I almost feel like I'm wearing PJ's!  I always wear these with a fitted top though, just to make sure I don't look too comfortable, but I love them. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Virginia Belle said...

Cute stuff! I'm on the search for a maxi dress but like you was completely turned off by the online pictures of the Jcrew version. But after reading your review of it IRL i may have to look for it in the store!

Mrs. Hesson said...

I'm a tad obsessed with J Crew. I seriously would take one of everything if I could. Love it.

Sarah Ann said...

mmmhhmm... I love J. Crew! And your blog!
I'm your new follower!

Chanel Fashionista said...

love that top! so cute. did you end up keeping the lilac shift dress?