Piper Update!

Warning: This post is very heavy on puppy pictures!

It's hard to belive that Piper is now 3 months old!  She has grown so fast, and although we love that she's growing and learning, we hate that she's going to be full grown before we know it. 

We have made huge strides in the potty training department, and although the biting and chewing is still problematic, we're making progress.  This weekend we'll be traveling to Las Vegas, and both Piper and Reilly will be staying with my parents.  I'm a little nervous to see how they'll do given that both of our dogs are major attention hogs, and my parents dog dislikes sharing his mommy very much!  Luckily Piper already has my mom wrapped around her little paw! : )

These days I call Piper "Stitch" a lot; as in Lilo and Stitch.  Her ears are constantly flipped up/out, and she's always showing her teeth to try and chew on anything/everything.  She also makes lot of very weird sounds just like Stitch!  Literally, you may think I'm exaggerating, but she makes this face a lot! Of course, I don't have proof in any of my pictures, but I have now made it my mission to catch her in "Stitch" mode.

She's now so big she doesn't want to sit on my lap in the car, she wants to ride in the
back with her sister. 

She loves our bed!

This one is my favorite!

Piper goes wherever Reilly goes, and will try to lay in the exact same spot as her.
Luckily, Reilly doesn't seem to mind and likes to snuggle!

Her legs are getting so long!  She's very tall and lanky right now!

She absolutely crashes after playing hard with Reilly! 

Look how big she has gotten!  She'll be Reilly size before we know it.

Too cute!

Well for those of your who aren't dog lovers, or could care less, this post probably put you right to sleep!  Luckily, I know I have family reading who haven't even met her yet, and probably don't mind the picture overload!

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sara said...

Oh my world, what a doll baby! Your dogs are the cutest!

Chanel Fashionista said...

I know exactly what you are going through! Winston potty trained very quickly, but the biting was a problem for a while! He still does it now (he's 7 months), but it's SO much better! We love him tons and are so glad we got a puppy! But now I see what everyone means when they say they are a lot of work!

Virginia Belle said...

I'm so happy you posted these! Love the one of Reilly and Piper in the car. They are too cute together. Oh and tell Piper to please stop growing because her aunt and uncle want her to still be a puppy when they finally get to meet her in October :)

gk said...

i somehow came across your blog and had to comment! we just got our 2nd boxer at the end of january. we are struggling with the potty training, but LOVE how the two of them interact and play with each other. you for sure won't bore me with pics of your lovely babies :) -kellsey