Reality TV Recap

Let's talk Dancing and Idol, shall we?

First off, I liked the theme this week on AI.  Billboard Top 100's provides so many songs to choose from, which thankfully doesn't make it too difficult just a few weeks in.  Overall I'm surprised that they didn't choose more current songs, but overall I thought it was a great show!  With the exception of Paige of course... thank God she went home.  She started off so strong, but Tuesday night was just awful; it was her time.

I think my pick for the next person to go is Tim Urban, followed by Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens.  Although A.G. started strong, I think he's really struggling, and there's something about K.S. that really bugs me, even though she has a great voice. 

I'm also going to go ahead and put my final 2 out there.  I think there are a lot of strong contestants left at this point, but I'm picking Crystal and Siobhan to go all the way.  I can't wait to see if I'm right!  Who do you think will stick around 'til the end?

 Now for the Season 10 premiere of DWTS...

Erin Andrews- I just love her, and thought she did a great job!  Her and Max are perfect partners, and I really think they'll go far.  
Evan Lysacek- I think he is just so much fun to watch, and I love how graceful he is.
Buzz Aldrin- Poor guy, it was just so bad.  You have to appreciate his courage for trying at his age, but you almost feel bad for him. 
Chad Ochocinco- I thought I would really dislike him, but there was something about his personality that I think will help him stick around awhile.  He's not the best dancer so far, but he is entertaining. 
Nicole Scherzinger- I wasn't a huge fan of hers before, but she's fabulous!  I really think she'll be a contender for the mirror-ball trophy in the end.
Pamela Anderson- I'm pretty sure she was drunk. Enough said.
Kate Gosselin- Although I think she's made some questionable choices, I hope she sticks around a little longer.  She really just seems to need the confidence boost!

Well, what did you think of Dancing and Idol this week? 

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Mrs. Hesson said...

As for Idol, couldn't have said it better myself. Seriously, if I was going to write this post I would have said the same exact things. Paige was terrible. Eeeek.
As for DWTS, Jake, Erin and Nicole are probably my favorites. Although Jake was (and still is) a total cheeseball, you can't help but smile when you watch his goofy little self. Plus, Chelsie Hightower is my favorite so I have to root for her! :)

THE Stephanie said...

Not watching Idol, so I can't comment, but I did watch DWTS for the first time ever this week. :)

I think Nicole is by far the best! She was REALLY good!!

Chelsea said...

I thought I hated OchoCinco til I saw an interview with him on some news channel about his football career, and realized he wasn't the cocky showoff guy that I thought he was! I've been voting for him!