What We've Been Up To...

I feel like my posting has been a little sporadic lately due to the mass amounts of family we have had visiting here in the desert. Here's the rundown:
(All back to back)
-My grandparents were here staying with my parents
-My cousin came to stay with my parents
-My SIL and her fiance came to stay with us
-Tomorrow my sister is coming to stay
Now don't get me wrong, aside from my parents the rest of my family is in the midwest, so the visitors are more than welcome! We absolutely love having visitors, but about a month of visitors causes your regular routine to get a little off track. Anyways, enough of that, here's what we've been up to!

VEGAS Vegas was fabulous. The Aria hotel is completely amazing, and we would all highly recommend it! Keep in mind though, the location is next to the Bellagio (towards the older stuff, not Ceasars), so when you're trying to get to other hotels, you have quite a hike! Personally, I think the Mirage has the best location, right smack in the middle of everything, but if you don't mind the location, you should stay at The Aria during your next Vegas vacation! Unfortunately I have absolutely SUCKED in the picture dept. lately, and have next to no pictures.

Also, O was amazing! Our seats were perfect, 4th row and right in the middle!  Go see this show!  Although I knew that I was Cirque obsessed before, I have now made it my mission to as many of the shows as possible! Mystere at Treasure Island and Viva at Aria are the next two on my list for Vegas!

Our Visitors
We had a great time with my SIL and her fiance last week!  Since we haven't lived here all that long, we weren't really sure about the best time for visitors, but now we know that it's during the second and third weeks of March.  There was so much going on here that we didn't even get to it all, and the weather was beyond perfect.  We were able to take them to so many of our favorite places, and had a fabulous time.  Now I'm so excited for my sister to come tomorrow and our next house guests in April!

Our Weekend
  • Friday night we ate at home and caught up on our DVR!  It was absolutely fabulous to relax and go to bed early!
  • Saturday we dropped a small fortune at the vet for both dogs.  Shots, blood work, heart worm meds, etc. seriosuly add up quickly, and I'm so relieved at least Reilly won't have to make another trip to the vet for another year (knock on wood).  Piper now weighs 21 lbs, and Reilly weighs 69 lbs! 
  • Saturday afternoon I got to lay out by the pool and catch up on magazines.  I also finally started The Help. 
  • Saturday night we ate dinner at the local wine bar, and actually ran into the one manager I love at J.Crew and her husband.  We sat with them and enjoyed some more wine after dinner, and had a great time!
  • Sunday, CAhusband hit the golf course, and I met a friend for lunch.  We both made it home to watch the end of the Purdue game, and thank goodness we made it to the Sweet 16!  Unfortunately we play Duke next... yikes!
  • Sunday night we finally got to celebrate my dad's birthday by having dinner at my parents house!  We had a great time catching up and playing with the dogs. 
Well overall, that was a pretty boring post!  Back to the exciting (well, maybe?) stuff tomorrow!

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Virginia Belle said...

I guess the benefit of living in Sunny California is that you will have visitors almost year round :) Sounds like you guys had a great time last week. I haven't seen a single Cirque Du Soleil show so my list of ones to see is very long. Loved our phone date today :)

A Wedding Story said...

Oh girl, there are NO teaching jobs in VA to be had! The local school district is cutting 100 teacher jobs. Looks like I'll be a cookie baker until I can figure out what to do! In my school we student teach 2 different grades, one in K-2 for 7 weeks and one in 3-5 for 7 weeks. I am aiming for first or second grade when I actually start teaching. I love the thought of teaching reading! Phonemic awareness is so fun (I am such a nerd)!

Chanel Fashionista said...

thanks for your input on the derby! I don't know anyone who has been before! Now I just have to find a place in L.A. to get a hat!

Kiana said...

Mystere is fabulous, you MUST see it! I've seen that and La Nouba in Orlando twice. Cirque du Soleil is amazing :)