An Amazing Weekend with Friends!

BEWARE:  This post is WAAAYYYY heavy on pictures.

I snapped a few photos this past weekend, but thank goodness Tracey was there with her awesome camera to capture it all!  Here are some pics from our amazing weekend with some amazing friends...

Friday during the day CAhusband had to work, so we did some shopping, dined on Mexican and daiquiris for lunch, and got in a few hours by the pool before he got home! 

Friday night we headed to our favorite happy hour spot, and just so happened to run into one of our other favorite couples while we were there.  We were all able to eat together, and it was so fun for our friends to meet.  I had a feeling they'd like really get along, so I was really happy we bumped into each other.  After happy hour we met up with my parents for some more drinks in Old Town. 

Amy, myself, and Tracey

Saturday we decided to head to Temecula to visit southern CA's wine country.  The drive itself is quite a treat, as we literally drove up and through mountains for almost 40 minutes straight!  It's pretty nerve-wracking driving, but the views are spectacular.  Luckily there's a look out point where we you can stop and snap some photos.  
 The view of the whole valley where we live.

 The winding road we drove up. 

 Tracey and Dylan

Nick and I

 Once we got to Temecula we started off at Callaway winery.
 Tracey and I

 The vineyard at Callaway

 Next, we traveled to Ponte winery for lunch, but were surprised to find a 2 hour and 45 minute wait!!!!  Unfortunately the whole place was packed, so we headed to our next stop.  We will definitely make a trip back to this beautiful spot!

Our third stop was Wilson Creek winery!  The tasting room was again swamped, so we decided to just buy a bottle of wine and a quick snack and sit outside while we waited for our table for lunch.  It was a gorgeous day so we just couldn't bear to stand inside when we could still enjoy some vino outside, and enjoy the scenery. 

 Our last stop of the day was Leonesse winery.  They had a gorgeous view, and again we decided to split a bottle outside instead on doing a tasting inside.  The scenery was spectacular, and made for some great pics!

Saturday night we relaxed at home by making my SIL's famous fondue and grilling out! We were slightly able to overhear Keith Urban at Stagecoach, which was kind of fun too.  We relaxed and caught up on some TV, and got to bed nice and early after a long and eventful day!

Sunday we woke up and hit the farmer's market for some people watching and Bellini's!  We met my parents at their favorite breakfast spot, and enjoyed showing Tracey and Dylan around our favorite little spot.  CAhusband also may or may not have bought  broken a wine glass at a little store while we browsed!  Needless to say, I was mortified!

 My mom, myself, Tracey

After the farmer's market we hit the pool for a few more hours of sun.  It was like 95, so we definitely worked on our tans and utilized the pool to keep cool.  Can you tell my nose got a little sun?  Yikes!  That night we went to dinner at my parents house. 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend!  Even though Tracey and Dylan live all the way in Ohio, I'm so thankful for their friendship and the fact that we've been able to stay close despite distance.  We can't wait to see them again in June... and July!!!
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Virginia Belle said...

Okay after this post I want to beg Charlie to sacrifice one more of his precious vacation days so we can stay longer in October. It looks like you guys had such a great weekend and Tracey got some pretty amazing pictures! The wineries looked like so much fun! Now I am even more excited for October :)

Angie said...

SOOO glad you left a comment on "life in the fun lane" Somehow I lost your blog info from a while ago and was never able to track you back down!! Following along again! ;)

Mrs. Bear said...

Looks like a great weekend. Southern Cali wine country seems gorgeous! I love the top/dress you are wearing in the first picture!

Valerie said...

Your weekend sounds awesome! I love wine tasting, but have never been to Temecula. I need to check it out sometime. And the bellinis sound amazing! Yum.


Katherine said...

omg that looks divine! i want to take a trip to wine country!! maybe someday...