I'll Take One of Each Please!

Well, since J.Crew came out with their first round of Summer clothes today online, you know what you're in for... my most up-to-date J.Crew wishlist!

Doubt I'll really buy this one, unless it's super cute IRL, but I think it would look adorable with white denim!

 I love the fabric that this shell comes in, and have similar shirts from seasons past.  It's a sturdy cotton, almost like a button up blouse, and I think this color is so pretty!  Again, how cute would this look with white denim?

Now, I can't tell if I think this fabric is really pretty, or a hot mess.  We'll just have to see what it looks like in person.  Doubt I'll buy this one either, but at this point I can't wait to see it IRL. 

 I can't figure out why I like this tunic, maybe it's the color and the neckline?  I think it would be great with my denim cut-off shorts and brown gladiators for a relaxing day, while still looking cute. 

 We have this same draped style in a skirt and pants at my J.Crew, and I have loved them both!  Now that they're available in a short, I'm even more in love.  In all reality, these will be way too short to be socially acceptable in my book, but who knows, maybe not?  If we get these in, I'll definitely try them on just to see how they work.

(for some reasons I can't find the bottoms, it's like they aren't available to buy?)
I love this new style of swimsuit they have released.  It's available in lots of solids, and several prints as well.  I think that the style of the top will be flattering on me, but I'm stumped on which pattern I like the best?  What do you think, the paisley or the aqua polka dots? 

Now, honestly, is this super cute, or super ugly?  I truthfully cannot decide.  This could be used for my SIL's rehearsal dinner, or a beach wedding we have, but I really can't decide if I love it or hate it?!!?  Help!
I think I would wear with without a belt, and with heels instead of sandals.

What are your favorites?  Will you shop J.Crew's new arrivals?

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Mrs. Hesson said...

I'm in love!

Iva said...

ohhhh ahhhhhh!!! I'll take one of each!!! :) FANTASTIC!! Happy Earth Day #40 to you!! Hope you are having a nice week :)

Lori said...

I LOVE the first top! It's a bit pricey, but will look cute with shorts or white jeans. I also like the paisley bathing suit. And I'm not sure about the last dress-- I think that one I would have to see IRL!

Ms. J said...

Love those tanks!!

Noticed you have a boxer- we are picking up our little boxer in 2 weeks!! So excited! If you have any puppy tips, check out my blog and send over some advice =)

Alissa said...

Oh love them all! Then when you get them all can I borrow them too? JK :)

Chanel Fashionista said...

what did you end up thinking of the impressionist cami? I haven't been to a store in way too long :)