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We are just wrapping up a fabulous long weekend with our friends Tracey and Dylan, and I must admit, I'm so sad they're gone.  We had an amazing time, and we're so lucky to have 2 more opportunities to see them both this summer.  I'm going to wait to post about all of the fun things we did over the weekend though, because Tracey was the photographer, and her great photos will make it much more exciting!

Now, onto what's currently on my mind....

  • While browsing Facebook, I saw that my friend Molly has an adorable Lilly Pulitzer collar for her dog Lucy.  I've been trying to find cute matching collars for Piper and Reilly for awhile now, and I think these are just perfect.  Everyone calls the girls "him" and "he" all of the time just because they're boxers, and what better way to say "I'm a girl" than with Lilly.  Plus, the dog bone shaped buckle is too cute for words. 

  • I am pretty sure that I'm over Idol for the rest of the year, and possibly forever.  For some reason I just can't get into it.  Last week I watched the entire performance episode in 10 minutes, by briefly watching about 10 seconds of each song, and then didn't even watch the Idol Gives Back elimination show.  Is anyone else completely over Idol?  Maybe it is the themes that are boring me?
  • Avatar is finally out on DVD, which means CAhusband and I will finally see it!  Yes, I know Blu-Ray is nowhere near as good as the 3D-IMAX.  We've heard.... many times, but I'm so excited to finally see it. 
  • I tried making Funfetti cookies for the first time this evening, and I'm in love!  I knew I loved the cupcakes, but these cookies have opened up a whole new world to me.  In order to get them out of the house ASAP I've decided to take them to the kiddos at the after school program tomorrow. 

Well, that's all that's on my mind this evening!  I hope you all had a great start to your week!

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Mrs. Hesson said...

Funfetti cookies?! Yum!

Mrs. Bear said...

Just found your blog... and can't wait to read more! Funfetti cookies sound dangerous... I might have to make some with the kids I nanny...

Virginia Belle said...

I can't wait to hear more about their visit. Those dog collars are adorable! I actually used to have a Lilly dress in the same pattern as the second collar, how funny! Love funfetti cookies! A while back I switched the funfetti icing for rainbow chip because it's my favorite and now I'm even more addicted. Enjoy!

Kelly and Sara said...

Just found your blog. So cute! New to blogging, follow us at: