Did anyone elses husband make them watch the Pain Tolerance episode of Myth Busters last night?  Well, mine did....

The whole point was that they were trying to prove or dis-prove the "myth" that women have a higher pain tolerance than men do.  They tested the myth by having women and men place their hand in a bucket of near freezing water for as long as they thought tolerable.  The women won!  However, there were 2 things about their experiment that made CAhusband seriously question the validity of their results:

1. Women won.  CAhusband truly does not believe this is possible.
2. They made all contestants stop soaking their hand at the 3 minute mark (if they'd made it that long) for safety purposes.  CAhusband thought this was pretty ludicrous, and seriously doubted that after 3 minutes your hand would be in any danger. 

So, what did CAhusband decided to do? 

Yup, you guessed it, he broke out the bucket and some very icy water, and tested himself.  He simply had to prove that he was "tougher" than all of the men surveyed on the show, who were apparently wimps for allowing the women to beat them, AND prove that he could still have functioning digits by keeping his hand in the water past the 3 minute mark. 

Of course, he did both.  Anything less would have been considered a failure on his part. 

Lucky for me, his freezing cold hands prompted a series of Dumb and Dumber quotes about forgetting your gloves or something ridiculous. 

It was an entertaining night to say the least....

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Valerie said...

Oh that is so funny! We didn't watch this episode, but it sounds awesome! I'm sad I missed it. I'm completely on board with the idea that women have a higher tolerance to pain.


Tracey said...

Hahahahahaha. I wish we were still there to witness this. I'm pretty sure Dylan would challenge the myth too.

Angie said...

That's to funny! My 9 year old daughter LOVEs this show! She actually set up tivo to record it for herself! ;)