Things That Are Making Me Smile

It's almost the weekend and it's a beautiful day!  Here are some of the things that are making me smile...

 The house in Big Bear that we're renting for the Fourth of July!
Yesterday the plans came through for a weekend trip up to Big Bear in the mountains for the Fourth of July!  We will be joining 5 other young couples from CAhusband's office, and it will be a blast.  By that time it will be amazing to escape to higher altitudes and cooler temps... I can't wait! 

I love this cute little teacher dress. 
This would be perfect to wear to school, plus Loft has 15% off teacher discounts.

I've admired these bowls for awhile, and am glad I held off on buying them before because these colors for spring are right up my alley.  Although my husband would beg to differ, we actually need these.  We have large mixing bowls, but we don't have a set with varying sizes.  I definitely think I'll snag these on my next trip to C & B!

(photo from Martha Stewart Weddings)
Wedding Season
Now, our first wedding isn't until June, but the shower invites and invitations are pouring in, and I couldn't be more excited!  I also can't wait to see all of the spring/summer wedding pics on my favorite photography blogs!

I'm in love with the cute striped cardigan in both colors.  Unfortunately, it's too hot to wear now, so a $130 cardi is out of the question, but it's so pretty.  I guess I'll just have to admire it from my online shopping cart!

I'd love to hear what's making you smile this weekend!  Happy Friday everyone! 

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Charlotte said...

LOVE these!! Especially the bowls and the dress from ATL!!! I know you all will have so much fun at that cabin!!! What a great time!!

Mrs. Hesson said...

That sounds like a blast! I am a tad bit jealous.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love all of those! your trip sounds so fun!

Virginia Belle said...

The 4th of July trip sounds like so much fun! We got the same C&B bowls last year and love them. They are the perfect assortment of sizes. Our colors are not this cute though! Love the new Spring shades!

Sarah Ann said...

loving that dress from loft :)

McMommy said...

OMG. I am IN LOVE with your blog!! And not just because I love weddings and Crate and Barrel and renting houses for the 4th of July and fabulous blog headers.
Ok, well..
Maybe that has a LITTLE to do with it.

p.s. Do you need any extra bridesmaids? Cause I'm not doing anything in June....did I mention I love weddings?? :)

sara said...

What a great cabin, that sounds like a fabulous trip! i have similar mixing bowls, and if it helps, you can tell your husband that I use mine all the time. :) Oh, and I love that dress and those cardis!

Chanel Fashionista said...

ohhh big bear will be super fun! i'm jealous! I bought those bowls from crate & barrel, love the colors! I think the ones I got are different colors, but I love them!