We've Been Married 9 Months!

Last weekend at the Colbie Caillat Concert

Once again, I'm shocked that another month has come and gone.  In some ways the wedding seems like yesterday, but in others I feel like we've come so far it can't have possibly been 9 whole months ago! 

This 9th month of marriage has been extremely relaxing and wonderful.  We've spent lots of time with my parents and our new friends, and have enjoyed lots of little date nights just the two of us. 

At this point we're very set in our ways, and marriage doesn't seem like an adjustment at all anymore.  The only real change that I've noticed in the last month has been that we have grown so much more comfortable with where we live.  Adjusting to a new town takes some time, but I now no longer feel the need to say "we just moved here" to everyone I meet! 

Life is good for CAwife and CAhusband, and we both can't wait to see what the rest of our first year of marriage with entail!

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JMay said...

Just stumbled across your blog, it's so cute. Love finding fellow CA bloggers :-)

Congrats on 9 months!!


sara said...

Congratulations to you and your husband! The one year mark is just around the corner. :)

THE Stephanie said...

Happy 9 months! And I LOVE Colbie Callait!! :)

Alissa said...

I'm so with you on this time flies! Happy 9 months! Congrats to you and your hubby!

Virginia Belle said...

Happy 9 months! I'm so happy that y'all are feeling much more at home in CA :)