Fall Music I'm Dying to Get My Hands On

Now, I know that we just celebrated the official arrival of summer last week, but I'm already dying for fall to get here.  Yes, I'm already ready for the heat to subside but that's not the thing I'm most excited about; I just got wind of some new music that will hit iTunes in full force this September that I'm already pre-ordering!

Sara Bareilles Kaleidoscope Heart CD release date September 7th
Current Single, King of Anything

Sara's first CD Little Voice was played constantly in my car for at least 6 months, and I love the first single off of her new CD!  You can mark Kaleidoscope Heart for pre-order on iTunes now!

Maroon 5 Hands All Over CD release date September 21st
Current Single, Misery

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with Maroon 5 (ah-hem, Adam Levine).  I practically burnt holes in Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long, so there's no doubt in my mind that I'll love their third CD Hands All Over.  I also read that there is a collaboration with Lady Antebellum on the new album, which will likely be amazing.  The first single, Misery, sounds very typical Maroon 5 (nothing wrong with that), but the rest of the CD is rumored to be sounds like something completely different.  It doesn't look like the whole CD is available for pre-order quite yet!

Is it sad that while searching for an image of Maroon 5 for this post, I ended up drooling over Adam Levine pics like this one for a good 15 minutes?

Now, who knows if you're all as excited about both of these CD's as I am, but I've already downloaded the current singles.

Will you buy either of these CD's?  What do you think of the singles?

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Virginia Belle said...

LOVE Maroon 5 so I can't wait for their new album! You are so on top of things, I had no idea they have a new single out. Must go download it right now! I'm obsessed with Lady Antebellum so I cannot wait to hear them with Maroon 5!

Lindsay said...

Oh love maroon 5! Cant wait!!!

Valerie said...

I love Maroon 5 and could definitely drool over Adam Levine for a while. Hope you had a great weekend!


Amanda said...

LOVE LOVE Sara! I've repeated her first album countless times :) Just heard the new single for the first time this morning and loved it! I like Maroon 5's stuff, but I don't know it that well...but I'll definitely be buying Kaleidescope Heart!