Hometown Goodness

We were able to spend less than 24 hours at home last week before heading to Chicago, and boy did that short amount of time get me thinking about all of my food favorites that I can't enjoy here in the desert.  CAhusband and I both grew up together in the same Indiana town, and although we love life in CA, those hometown food favorites are some of the things we miss the most here on the west coast. 

1. Royal Feast Pizza and Breadsticks from Pizza King
Although this pizza may not look like much, it is absolutely delicious.  CAhusband and I both grew up eating this pizza at least once a week, and get cravings for it all the time!  Even in college, we would demand this pizza everytime we had the chance to go home.  When CAhusband's mom asked what we wanted to do for the short time we were home we only had one request, "as long as we get to have Pizza King, we'll be happy."  Due to the fact that this pizza is so popular in our hometown, they ship frozen pizzas in dry ice all over the country.  Although we question the expense, it's definitely something we're tempted to order!


2. Chicken Nachos from Qudoba
I didn't discover Qdoba until college when it arrived on Purdue's campus, where I religiously ate it at least once a week.  Now, this wasn't one of my healthiest habits, but it was delicious.  My roommates and I could always be spotted at Qdoba on Sunday's for lunch, and I crave these chicken nachos constantly.  The closest Qdoba to us now is an hour away, so the whole time we were in the Midwest the constant closeness of Qdoba was taunting me.  Even while running through the airport to catch our connection in Atlanta, a Qdoba was right there just begging me to skip our flight and enjoy their nachos.  Ahh, my unsatisfied Qdoba craving is still plaguing me now!  It's been almost a year since the last time I enjoyed it, and I vow to eat it at least once while in Indiana again next month!

3. Vito Sub from Jimmy Johns
I still have my order memorized, "Vito on white, no lettuce, easy mayo with salt and vinegar chips" (not that it's a tricky one, or a healthy one); and forget walking the 3 minutes to the actual store, Jimmy delivers so fast that I only ordered via debit card over the phone.  The cyclist delivery man would literally get there in less than 5 minutes every time, and I even had the different location phone numbers memorized so I could appropriately place my order based on where I was on campus!  There are literally NO Jimmy John's out here, and although I got a little burnt out of Vito subs for awhile after graduating, I'd love one right about now!

What are your hometown favorites that you miss most? 

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April said...

There's this hole-in-the-wall BBQ place back home called Couch's. It's nothing fancy ... just good, Southern BBQ. Nothing compares to it. I grew up on it - the shaved pork rather than the pulled, their homemade pies and PERFECT BBQ sauce... There are a ton of BBQ places here in Birmingham, but none of them hold a candle to Couch's.
Also, there's a really fun, girly Tea Room that my mom and my sister and I like to go to. It's rather expensive, so it's not a frequent thing, but it's really good too :)

Valerie said...

Pizza and nachos are two of my favorite things in the world! These places sound amazing!!!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

We have Qdoba and Jimmy Johns here in SC. Maybe they'll make their way to CA soon.

When I go home to Louisiana I love to eat at the hole in the wall places that I can only eat there. Two local cajun food restaurants and a po-boy restaurant.

My favorite restaurants in SC are the local places, too. You can really get the feel of the town that way.

Tracey said...

I promise we can go to Qdoba in July when u are in town. We had Potbelly here and i got dylan hooked! Oh Purdue how I miss your large restaurant choices within walking distance.

alanna said...

mmm mine's kind of the opposite...i hate going home because there's no frozen yogurt in northern virginia (TCBY doesn't count!)...that pizza does look amazing, though ;)

Lindsay said...

Sounds delicious :)

Lovely Little Nest said...

aww what a fun getaway!

The husband and I are from the same hometown as well. There's this fabulous little pizza place called Mario's that we order from EVERY time we go home.

It's so good that my family's Christmas Eve tradition is to order pizza from Mario's!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

YUM! everyone keeps talking about jimmy johns...Im going to have to try it out!

April said...

In and Out Burger. Since we've moved to Washington I've been dying for one. not even kidding!