A Suddenly Busy Summer, and Some Questions for You

My summer was originally going to be pretty low-key.  The plan was to work at J.Crew about once a week, and spend the rest of the time working on my classroom, reading tons of books, and overall just relaxing and laying low with the pups.

Recently though some things have changed, and now my empty summer (with the exception of 3 more weekends away) has gone to jam-packed.  A family friend of ours who is pregnant has had to go on bed rest, and has asked if I could nanny their nearly 2 year old son, 4 days a week.  Although I'm beyond thrilled to spend tons of time with the adorable little guy, it has made for a more hectic schedule than I originally anticipated. 

With the addition of this new gig, as well as the fact that we are out of town for the next 3 weekends in a row, I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that my blogging may be a little sporadic through July.  Hopefully not, but it's a strong possibility!

Anyway, here are some random thoughts/questions on this Tuesday morning:
  • Friday we are heading to Big Bear for the 4th of July with some of the other young couples at CAhusband's office.  They've split everyone's food contribution into meals, and we are in charge of providing breakfast for everyone on Saturday morning.  We want to make something fantastic, but are torn on what to make.  If anyone has any fantastic breakfast ideas/recipes, feel free to send them my way!
  • We finally started watching True Blood Season 2 this weekend!  We've finished discs 1 and 2, and will undoubtedly finish the season by next week.  Given that season 3 is currently playing on HBO, I'm going to be tempted to subscribe.  Does anyone know, can you just cancel HBO at any time, or do you sign like a year contract?  We really won't use it enough to justify the cost after True Blood ends, so I'm curious if we could cancel as soon as this season wraps? 

  • I'm so lucky that my parents are available to watch Piper and Reilly while we're out of town this weekend, and again for our trip to La Jolla in 2 weeks; however, we are having a family friend stay with them while we are all going to be away at my SIL's wedding next weekend.  I'm curious what you guys think is an accceptable amount of payment for stay with 2 dogs for 4 days?  She will sleep over and will pretty much stay here while she's not at work.  She will need to walk them once in the morning and once at night, but otherwise, they're actually VERY easy to take care of.  Have you ever paid someone to stay with your dogs?  How much do you think is acceptable?

Thanks for any input you may possibly have! 
Have a great day everyone!
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Day Old News said...

I LOVE cooking breakfasts when traveling with a group. My all star winners are Barefoot Contessa's Banana Crunch Muffins, which I am making tonight and freezing to bring for 4th of July away, and Breakfast Burrito Bar. I start with eggs and sharp cheddar, then offer add-ons like black beans, breakfast meat (I love morningstar faux sausage), diced yellow onion, avocado) and provide hot sauce.
True Blood - I'm in love! I subscribed to Showtime and got 6 months free of HBO and can cancel anytime.
Re dog care, I can ask my sister for you as she dogsits regularly. Whew! Long response, sorry!

April said...

Mmm, breakfast. I'm not a fan of bananas, but I AM a fan of Ina Garten, and pretty much anything she makes is awesome. My personal favorite? Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins. I brought them to work just the other day, and they were a HUGE hit. (Also, a tip ... if you go with that, the recipe says it makes 16 muffins. My batter made 24. Not sure how that happened, but the more (muffins) the merrier!)

all things alyssa said...

I agree with the muffins - very easy to pack. As for True Blood, we signed up for the year round movie channel package, and we ended up loving several of the shows in that package (Dexter, Weeds, Nurse Jackie on Showtime & TB, Entourage on HBO). I think with most companies you can flip flop back and forth though - and just cancel when TB is over. As for the dog sitting - I think it depends on whether or not the person is getting any added benefit by staying at your house. My brother likes dogsitting for us because we live in the inner loop area aka a close drive close to all the "cool stuff". I normally just stock the fridge and leave him some cash. Last time we left for 4 days I think we left him $150. Good luck!

Tracey said...

I'm planning to make Blueberry Crumb Cake out of Martha Stewart's Great Foods Fast book. Sounds easy enough and it looks like it makes a lot. We've also done quiches or breakfast casseroles a the lake. They are easy to prepare (we normally do it the night before) and make a lot. You can also make them with different ingredients for picky eaters. ;) (One with meat, one without.)

Have so much fun this weekend!

LisaH said...

♥This: http://www.seasonalrecipes.com/rec/recipe36.frenchtoastcasserole.html

is a family favorite! It's our Christmas morning breakfast tradition! So yummy & easy! You make it one day ahead and then the next day you set it out for a 1/2 hour before baking it. It's to die for!

♥ Don't have any advice for the HBO question!

♥ I'm not sure about the dog sitter pricing either. I know that our "puppy camp" where we take our boxer charges $56 per day (high season) & $46 per day (low season). The dog walkers we have, who also do overnight stays, charge $75 per night. Which is why we haven't used them for anything but walks ;o)

ps Love your blog!

sara said...

Wow, you have a busy month coming up! Like many others, I would go with big muffins, a crumb cake or coffee cake, or if you have access to a stove where you can re-heat it, a really good, savory breakfast casserole.

Charlotte said...

Thats so sweet of you to watch your friends little one!!! I am always a big fan of bfast casseroles!!!

Lindsay said...

Do you love true blood? I might have to jump the bandwagon Ive heard such great things :)

Natalie said...

you usually can't go wrong with pancakes, so long as you don't mind making them that morning. I have a ton of different ones on my blog, and actually my post today is pancakes :)

however, if you want to do something that's make-ahead, I cannot say enough good things about this granola (http://www.thesweetslife.com/2010/02/best-ever-homemade-granola.html) People seriously go crazy for this stuff! Make up a big batch of this, bring some yogurt and berries, and you're good to go!

I love Big Bear--went there years ago. Have a great time!

Valerie said...

I love the idea of stuffed french toast for a big group breakfast. I've never made it, but this recipe looks amazing:


Have a great time in Big Bear! Keep us posted on what you make.


Meagan@Megs7827 said...

La Jolla? Let's have a blog meet up! You, me, and Surferwife!

Marissa said...

I would pay a pet sitter $100-200 for 4 days.