Happy Birthday Claudia!

Today is my mother-in-law, Claudia's, birthday!

Claudia has been like a second mother to me long before she was officially my MIL, and I could never thank her enough for all that she's done for me.  Once my parents moved to CA, it was so helpful to still feel like I had family close by, and I came to rely on her a lot for things that my parents simply couldn't do because of the distance.  

Claudia is also an extremely generous person!  She's always giving of her time to help with one cause or another, and is a wonderful friend to anyone who would ever need her to lend a helping hand. 

Lucky for me, my MIL is also a ton of fun! Claudia is always the life of the party, she can make anyone laugh, and she knows how to host an amazing Thanksgiving feast.


Although we can't be there to celebrate with her, I have no doubt she's having a fabulous day!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Claudia!! 
We love and miss you!

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