Teacher Week: Classroom Tour

Today is the classroom tour portion of Babbling Abby's Teacher Week!

If you've been reading for awhile you know that my room is still a major work in progress.  I spent the entire first 3-4 days in my room just clearing out old things that I didn't want, and once I got my stuff moved in, I showed you some of my initial progress HERE

I've been spending about 2 days a week working at school lately, and am finally starting to see some progress.  Luckily (unlike a lot of you) we don't start 'til September 8th, so I still have a few more weeks to get everything organized.  Check back on September 7th or so for a complete reveal!

front of the room 
The white board will be replaced with my new Smart Board in about 2 weeks!

back of the room

the overall layout of the room

my classroom library
Picture books and readers on the right,
chapter books on the left.

Although I've made lots of progress since the last round of photos I showed you, I still have a billion things I want to do!  I'm hoping to work some more this weekend and get a lot done so I can start to relax a little bit.

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Ginger Snaps said...

What a large space you have! <----Jealous.

Shelley said...

Hey! I just found you through IMTLY and just wanted to say hello! Your blog design is so cute!!

Lindsay said...

Looks great girl! How exciting to start a fresh new year!

Kerbi said...

Super cute room! I am jealous that you don't start back until September 8th! We start back on August 23. Love your adorable blog! I'm your newest follower, happy Thursday!

Abby said...

it looks great! and can't believe you don't start back until sept. 8th!!! that's like still a month away!!!

MrsKinne said...

So cute! And, I'm a little jealous of your incoming Smart Board.

Katie Klohn said...

I think it is a great start! I am loving all of the cubbies that you have on that one wall. I am also jealous of the soon to be smart board! Hope you enjoy your summer....the private school here in my town starts on Monday already!

Cyndy said...

Off to a great start! Looks very well organized!