What I Learned in My Summer as a Nanny

If you follow me on Twitter or have been paying much attention to this 'ole blog, you know that I have been spending my summer with an adorable 2 year old little boy!  Although this gig wasn't in my plans, I have truly cherished my time with this adorable little one, and boy did I learn a lot...

-First off, this summer taught me that I am nowhere near ready to have my own little ones.  I think I'm still way to selfish with my time to take on the responsibility of another person.  I like my sleep, shopping trips, and countless hours with my laptop and DVR a little too much for the time being!

-At the same time it taught me that although we definitely aren't aboard the baby train, that if God has other plans, we will survive.  I fell in love with little Dylan over the summer, and have no doubt I can handle my own when the time comes (hopefully SEVERAL years from now). 

-There is a lot of really awesome baby/toddler stuff out there these days! 

This Munchkin Snack Catcher is the coolest thing in the world, and is PERFECT for cheerios, goldfish, etc. The can reach their little hands in through the top, but they don't spill out! 
I had no idea something like this existed!

-It is wonderful to have a smart kid!  Dylan just turned 2 in July and has a humongous vocabulary, speaks in sentences, knows several signs, and has fantastic manners.  Although I know his mommy worked with him a lot on this stuff, it definitely paid off.  I loved taking Dylan to the park and having his vocabulary show up the 3 and 4 year olds, it made me so proud!  Parents would often ask, "how old is he" and would be blown away that he was barely 2 (this may also have had something to do with the fact that this kid has basketball player written all over him). 

-Car seats are the biggest pain in the ass!!!  Lugging a gigantic 2 year old in and out of a car seat in 110+ temps was my least favorite chore in the entire world!  We would sometimes stay at home and play all day because the thought of taking him in and out of the car was just too much to deal with. 

-It takes you an absolute bazillion years to go ANYWHERE.  You can't just say, let's go grab a smoothie.  You have to say let's go grab a smoothie, then change a diaper,  pack a sippy cup, put his shoes on ......  it's never ending and takes forever!!!!

-Although I'm sure there are some quality kids shows out there, there are also some awful ones!  Caillou is the creation of someone awful... the voice on that kid is like nails on a chalkboard.  Ahh, I'm so thankful I've watched my last episode of the awful show. 

-Our area has an awesome and HUGE mom's club.  I honestly never knew such things existed, and am seriously impressed.  The mom's club here coordinates play groups based on age, and has activities at least 4 days a week!  I met more adults through Dylan's mom's club playgroup than in my whole first year living here. 

Although today was my last official day as Dylan's nanny, I know I'm going to have to come spend time with the little guy quite often.  I'm really going to miss him and our smoothie dates!

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Deirdre said...

Awww, that's very sweet. And they were lucky to have you!

Lindsay said...

Oh how sweet! Those snack cups are a life saver :)

Mrs. Bear said...

I am SO jealous you had a good little guy while you were a nanny! I hated my job this past spring, haha.

Anna Walker said...

Aweh! I am glad you had a great summer! I love how snacks and such doesn't fall out of those containers, my little cousins have them and when I babysit, they are a help! :)


Melissa said...

Very cute! I'm glad you enjoyed being Dylan's nanny!

I used to babysit a lot and I always hated the show Caillou

Abby said...

Yay for the snack catchers! We own many!

And boo for Caillou! Such a WHINY HEINY!

Melanie said...

The munchkin snack catcher is one of the best inventions, EVER!!! You will know when you are ready for kids. It took me a long time too! I had Julian at 30!

Valerie said...

The snack catcher sounds so cool! Lots of my friends are having babies right now and I feel like I'm starting to catch the bug. Hope you have a great weekend!


According to Ashley said...

I babysit/nanny every summer and I have worked for the BEST families. I've also learned SO much about "when I have kids one day." It's so true about not being able to just run out somewhere. I used to drive a 2 door car, and getting two little ones strapped into the backseat in the summer heat was like an olympic sport. OMG and I despise Caillou too. I think everyone does.