Is it Friday yet?

Whoa, I did not intend to be MIA in the blog world this week, but what can I say... kids are exhausting and all I want to do is watch TV when I get home!  Once again, I'm leaving you with some ramblings...
 -I recently saw this adorable craft project on 2 blogs, Spearmint Baby and Frugal Life Project.  I am in love with this idea, and definitely want to make one for myself and my fellow teacher friends ASAP.  Isn't this the cutest idea ever?  I think an S made of crayons would be the perfect addition to my desk!

-My poor husband has been living on spaghetti, mac and cheese, and frozen margherita pizza since school started.  I feel so bad, but have absolutely no motivation to make dinner when I get home from school.  I'm sticking with my current menu through the week, but am forcing myself to make real food again next week.  Feel free to send any easy and delicious recipes my way!

-Almost all of my TV's shows start again this coming week and I am giddy with excitement.  I love TV way too much, it's almost embarrassing.

-We went and looked at a house last night that has a HUGE yard.  It's way too much house for us, but is new, would be ideal for the girls, and is close to friends.  The owner really likes us, but I think we're both afraid to sign the lease.  Moving is such a pain, and I think we're both afraid that something better will come along as soon as we commit.  Yes, we're just renting, but somehow we're still really stressed.  This whole process has confirmed my fears that CAhusband and I will never agree on a house when it comes to buying.

-Although it's been well over 105 degrees here all week, I'm busting out my fall decor this weekend.  Pumpkin candles will soon be burning in every room and I can't wait. Is it too soon to justify having a Halloween candy bowl?

-I want this JCrew sweater so badly I have dreams about it.  It's so beautiful in person, and I can't wait to buy it!  The only problem is when to wear it???  It would likely have to wait until  our Thanksgiving visit to Indiana and I'm not sure I want to neglect it that long.


-Speaking of shopping... I got my first big-girl paycheck again yesterday!  Although we're just talking private school teacher paycheck, it still feels good after a year of working hourly jobs (J.Crew, subbing, nannying).  Unfortunately this means I get to start covering some bills again.... boo!
 I'm planning to be back in full force again next week.. have a great weekend everyone!

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According to Ashley said...

That crayon letter in a frame is FABULOUS! I totally want one!

Lori said...

I LOVE that crayon letter! It is wayyyyyy too cute not to try!

And I hope you get the Jcrew jacket soon! It is beautiful :)

Mandy's Memories said...

I so love the crayon idea~

Lindsay said...

The crayon idea is SO cute. I LOVE that sweater. I am posting a yummy easy recipe tomorrow so you should try it out :) Have a good weekend girl!