Here are my outfits from the past week!  Still very much a spring/summer wardrobe, although Wednesday we got down to 90 degrees for a high, woohoo!  Unfortunately it was back at 110 by Friday, and is expected to be above normal through the next week.  I'm hoping after next week it will cool off enough to start transitioning in a few fall pieces, but again I remind you, I had to wear shorts on Thanksgiving last year so sweaters and corduroys are out of the question.

Paisley Dress with Gold Sequin Detail, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
This is a teacher dress all the way, but is so comfortable, and requires no thought...
it will get lots of use!

Orange-ish Ruffle Top, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Olive Green Bermuda Shorts, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Please excuse the already wrinkled shorts at 6am.  Piper got off her leash on her walk and I was lucky enough to get to chase her around the apartment complex for 15 minutes.

Chiffon Trim Pocket Sheath, Ann Taylor Loft (Fall 2010)
Tory Burch Revas
This dress looks kind of bleh in this picture, but I am in love with the chiffon ruffle pockets. 
I will wear this dress a ton, and what do you know, it just went on sale!
Floral Tank, Anthropologie (Spring 09)
Denim Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
This skirt gets LOTS of wear at school, as it goes with everything.  This is a MAJOR teacher skirt however, and NEVER gets to make an appearance in my real life wardrobe!
Also, any Dexter fans recognize this shirt from Rita in season 4?  I love when something I own gets a TV appearance, it somehow validates that it's cute! : )
Black V-neck T-shirt, Banana Republic (circa 2008)
Black Metallic Bermuda Shorts, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
Headband, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Shorts with a metallic thread are a HUGE hit with 2nd graders... boy did they LOVE these shorts!  They also really liked my headband!

I hope you all have a great week!
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Lovely In Pink said...

I love everything but especially those bermuda shorts in the last picture -- so cute!

A Bigger Closet said...

To echo Lovely in Pink - every outfit looks terrific on you and those shorts are fabulous!!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the ann taylor skirt. SO cute. I may just have to go find me one :)

bet5032 said...

You looked so cute every single day, such fabulous style. No need to have to justify your choices at all, you look great!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I'm so behind but keep meaning to comment and on your OOTWs, you always look so cute!! :)

Joanna B. @ Newlywed Tales said...

Such cute outfits! you have great taste!

According to Ashley said...

Super cute! Looks like you bought out Loft last spring! :)

Melanie said...

OK, is that J.Crew headband the one with the orange stitching? If so I debated over buying that forever and ever (it was $50) and then all of a sudden they got marked down and sold out! I love it, it's so pretty...no wonder your kiddos loved it!

WarriorTherapyMom said...

I love that you do this each week. Cute Outfits! You could be a stylist!