My Need List

 I call this a "need" list, because well, these aren't super frivolous things that I simply want, they are things that my wardrobe can actually utilize at this point in time. 

Could I find much less expensive options to suit these needs, sure!  Is that nearly as much fun?  Nope!

Thus I leave you with some things I want need:

Brown Flats

Piper ate my brown flats and I desperately need another pair. I have lots of outfits lying there waiting for brown flats to complete their ensemble!
AND, I know I shouldn't be surprised given that I worked at J.Crew for a year, but when did their $89 flats become $130+++ flats? 

Non-skinny Jeans
Kimmie Bootcut Jeans 7 For All Mankind, Saks $189.00

I have more skinny jeans than one could possibly need... ankle length, toothpicks, destressed, legging denim... but you know what, sometimes a girl just needs jeans that don't cut off circulation to her ankes.

All of my older, non-skinny jeans, seem super faded and show lots of wear, so I've got my eye on these adorable bootcuts.
Black Flat Boots
UGG Amberlee Riding Boot, Nordstrom $274.95

I have high-heeled black ankle boots and super comfy tall black uggs, but I could really use a pair of black riding boots!  I'm going to have to continue to search for a much less expensive pair given that the boot season here is usually about 6 weeks, but aren't these adorable?
Cosmetic Bag

I've been eyeing this cosmetic bag ever since I got my recent Cooking Light, and when Scout posted about her love for cosmetic bags this morning, I started stalking them.  Mine broke on a recent trip, so I've been toting my make-up around in a ziplock bag!  Definitely time to buy a make-up bag, and you know I'm a sucker for a cute pattern.
What are your current "needs?"
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Anna Walker said...

I agree with you on everything that you want!!!


Sarah Ann said...

Ah! I really want super expensive flats, too :) Who doesn't want anything J Crew?

According to Ashley said...

Love the bow flats!

mrsashcake said...

I have an adorable black and white damask cosmetic bag that I LOVE from CVS for like $10 haha. :]