Anthropologie Wishlist

Due to the fact that J.Crew finally had a rollout that didn't leave me aching for a much higher income (thank God), I decided to spend my morning watching Love Happens (blah) and online shopping while CAhusband hit the golf course.  

Of course during January, my birthday month, when I could get 15% off at Anthro I couldn't find a single thing that I thought made the 1.5 hour drive to the nearest store worth it.  Of course, one month later, my shopping cart is totaling at near $1000.00 and I want lots and lots of cute new clothes.  GREAT! 

Here are the items I wish I was buying:

I think this would look adorable with my ivory linen pants, and could double as a cute teacher outfit with an ivory cardi on top!

Now, when I first saw this dress I wasn't too impressed, but I'm in love with the fabric up close.  Now obviously at nearly $200.00, I won't be bringing this baby home unless it goes on sale, but there's something about the silhouette and turquoise chevron pattern that has me thinking this dress would be great for spring.  Also, if it wasn't too short I could wear it to school!

Again, not quite love at first sight, and without the adorable catalog image I never would have given this another look, but there's something about the turqoise paired with the yellow skirt that I love!  This whole outfit would be perfect for the Margarittaville event I have with the teachers and parents at my new school next weekend!  It would also look cute with my linen pants!

I've been in love with this dress since I first saw it.  Stripes are always right up my alley, especially when it's grey and white; but the reviews don't rave about the fit of this dress.  With the red buttons on back, I think it would look really cute if topped off with a red belt!

My SIL, Virginia Belle, had this super cute tank in yellow on her recent wishlist, and I thought it was just too cute for words!  I really love it in this blue color, and think it would be great with shorts for the super hot summer that's just around the corner!

This super cute casual tank would look great with white jeans or denim shorts!  I love the ruffled straps, and again, the grey and white stripe!  The back is slightly racerbacked too, which I always like!

I LOVE this perfect little spring-time blouse!  The colors and print are too cute for words.  It would look soooo cute with my linen ivory pants (have you noticed a theme here?), and would be great for a bridal shower or work!  Now obviously, this little baby is just for looking, because I'm not dropping $200 for a blouse anytime soon; but I will snatch this up in a hurry if it goes on sale for like 60% off (in my dreams) anytime in the near future!

Luckily, when we're in Vegas in 2 weeks I'll be able to hit up the Anthro there to try some of the items in person.  Good news (well maybe bad news) is we're getting an Anthro here next fall! Maybe I can work there 4 hours a week for the discount too?  Then I'd be set!  

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Major Wife Fail

CAhusband sits on the couch enjoying a bowl of milk, with a little cereal (typical) while watching the news this morning before leaving for work. 

CAwife (entering the kitchen, glancing at the date on the milk jug): Oh yea, that milk is old.

CAhusband (annoyed): Old?  How old?

CAwife: umm.... 5 days

CAhusband: Jesus, then why is it still in the fridge?

CAwife: ummmm?? 

CAhusband: Damn it (putting his bowl in the sink)

CAwife (mildly laughing): Want some waffles?  I'll make you some waffles?

CAhusband: No, I wanted a healthy breakfast... bye (walks out the door)

See, what I mean when I said my new hours have kind of thrown me!  Items in the fridge after their "best by" date is 110% unacceptable to CAhusband.  Major wife FAIL on my part!

In his defense, 5 days is a little much; and I would have been bummed too if I had to throw out my breakfast that I was thoroughly enjoying right before heading out to a long day of work.  Whoops!

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No-Water Day Update!

Sorry for the lack of posting for you few loyal followers, although working just about 6 hours a day, the change in schedule has really thrown me! 
My new job is going really well so far, and I think I'm really going to enjoy it.  From 12:00-3:00, I love it!  I get to stay busy and work with lots of really great kids.  It really makes me miss teaching even more, but this job will give me that, so it's worth it for a few more months.  From 3:00-5:30 though, I work this VERY boring after school program.  Basically, the school is losing money doing it, because they have to have 2 teachers there for safety reasons, and there are usually only about 3-4 kids.  We help them do their homework, give them a snack, then just watch them play.  Although the kids are great, it kind of makes me want to scream.  I just keep telling myself that it's all for the "real" job next year!

For those of you who are wondering, I am still working at the Crew.  Instead of working my previous one night a week from 4-8 p.m., I'm now working one morning a week from 7-11:45 a.m.  I'm so glad I was still able to keep this job because the more I thought about it, I just wasn't really ready to pay full retail for J. Crew again, and end up only getting about 1/3 of the clothes I'm buying now! 

Today, I lucked out because our school wasn't getting any water, so they had to close!!!  What's better than a snow no-water day on a Friday??  I plan to spend the day catching up on laundry, cleaning, and playing with the pups.  I promise, a more exciting post a little later on!

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Jelly Flats?

When I hear the word jellies I think of my super cute sandals that I had as a little kid.  I loved the way they looked, available in every color, and even with glitter inside; but I don't recall if they were all that comfy?  Looking at the material now it seems like they would stick to your feet like mad the second they got a little sweaty.  Did they do this to us as kids, I can't remember?

A few years ago J.Crew released jellies in flat form in super bright primary colors.  Although intrigued, I never bought any because I just couldn't wrap my head around it.  Last year, I noticed Tory Burch was making the coveted Reva's in jelly form too, but I still couldn't quite jump on the jelly flats bandwagon. 

Well, this year, after falling in love with my "regular" Reva's, I'm slightly more interested in the less expensive jelly version for the spring and summer.  They come in a few really bright colors that could be fun, but are jelly flats just too weird?  Just too sticky for your feet?
Jelly Reva, $95.00

I also noticed that J. Crew released some new jelly flats again this spring.  They come in 6 or 7 different colors that are fun and vibrant for spring, and have a little bow (you know I love the bow).  Again though, I'm torn, are they cute or just weird?

Rainy Day Ballet Flats, J.Crew $55.00

Overall, I'm thinking they'll be a pass for me.  Even if I decide they're cute, the 110+++ heat we'll have here come the end of May has me running from anything the encloses my foot in rubber.  

Have you ever tried jelly flats?  Do you love or hate them? 

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My New Job Situation

After having a mini-breakdown in my melodramatic post on Tuesday afternoon, I was actually able to come to a decision that I'm very happy with.  A third option ended up presenting itself, that I hadn't previously considered, so here's a quick update on what I'll be doing.

I will start my new job tomorrow, and I will work from 12:00-5:30, 5 days a week.  I will be an aide around the school doing various jobs, but will primarily be working with the first grade class in order to get to know those students/parents to help me transition into the second grade classroom teacher for next school year.  Although the job is kind of a "step down" for me currently, the hours will be great for our current situation with Piper, and it will be a set schedule with consistent pay.  The best news is that this will all lead to me having my own classroom again next year! 

I spent Wednesday and Friday of last week shadowing the person I will be taking over for, and I think I'm really going to like it.  It is at a super cute little private school with great students and parents, as well as small class sizes, so it will be a big departure from what I'm used to (in a good way). 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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7 Months (and 3 Days) of Marriage

Photo by Megan W Photography

Whoops, looks like I'm a little behind!  Time has simply gotten away from me this week, and before we knew it my scheduled post was 3 days late. 

This month has been truly fabulous!  We had our first house guests, got a new puppy, and so much more; but the main thing that I have loved about our 7th month of marriage is how easy it's become.  We are finally getting into a routine here and it feels so good.  Our life here now feels normal and comfortable.  For awhile I felt like settling in here was like a prolonged vacation and might never happen.  It was nice, but you just looked forward to your normal routine and comfort of home.  I feel like this month has been huge for both of us in this way, and now we actually feel at home here.  We've spend a lot more time with our new friends, and overall just feel more content with our decision to live here. 

Piper has brought another huge change, as our family had grown to 2 boxer furbabies!  Although Piper is too cute for words, she is proving to be a holy terror in super soft little puppy fur.  She is biting and chewing everything to the point that we are now annoyed.  It is not cute, it hurts!  BADLY!  I am bound and determinded to break her of this habit ASAP, considering my arms now have claw and teeth marks to prove it!  At first we thought it was kind of cute, because she was little and didn't know any better.  Well, now we're getting serious!  10 weeks old is not too young to get in trouble.  Puppy discipline starts today!

After being married for 7 months, I can truly say that we are our own little family with our own routines and way of doing things.  It feels so nice to no longer be caught in that in between/transition phase anymore, and I truly feel blessed to have CAhusband, Reilly, and Piper (sharp puppy teeth and all) to come home to each day!  Now that we truly feel settled here, I can't wait to see what the next few months will bring. 

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Clean Plate Club

I came across these customizable melamine plates and platters in a magazine a few months ago, and have been in love with them ever since!  Clean Plate Club, creates a variety of gifts that I can imagine being perfect for so many occasions.  They would be great for bridal showers, hostess gifts, etc.

Ideally, since they're plastic, they would be great for patio use!  They're not cheap plastic; however, they're the thick melamine kind that will last and keep their color for a long time (the quality is shown in the not so cheap price).  I think they'd be perfect for use by your pool or at your lake house (if you may be so lucky).  Not to mention they'd be great for kids!

There are some of my favorites...

Coral, 4 for $66.00

Geometric Orange, 4 for $66

 Brown Zebra Blue, 4 for $66.00

Platter Geometric, $42.00
Platter Green Damask Large, $42.00

Now, I think these would be great to use if you had kids!

Rugby Blue and Brown                      Seersucker Blue

Now, of course, there are tons of cute little girl plates!

Dots Pink and Green                         Rugby Pink and Green

                                           Scallop                                            Biggie Pink and Green Script

Aren't they so cute!  I think anyone would love to get some of these adorable and useful monogrammed plates!  I already have some patio plates I love, but am so tempted to order a matching plate set and platter to use this spring/summer! 

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Today, I am being forced to make a pretty big career decision, and I'm am torn between the two options.  Either way I decide, I'm not 100% confident with my decision. 

Option 1:
40+ hours of work a week with an unflexible schedule (except for a few days off I've already demanded for weddings and house guests)
decent compensation
nearly guarenteed to have my "own classroom" again next year
menial work that I'm way over qualified for and will not enjoy (recess duty, after school care, lunch supervision)
stress about care of the pups
working 'til 5:30 (definitely not used to this)

Option 2:
completely set my own schedule by continuing subbing, which I actually do enjoy
a little less money made overall, but working way fewer hours
still a contender for my own classroom next year, I just risk the chance that the person they hire instead would also be qualified and they would rather go with him/her since he/she has been there

Now before I sound like a complete baby, I have no problem with working 40 hours a week, and working 9:30-5:30.  However, CAhusband and I did not view this as even being an option until next fall. We've gotten very accustomed to my flexible hours and smaller, yet workable income for this year, and have loved how it's allowed us to get settled in this new area, take care of the dogs, entertain visitors, etc.  I fully intend to work 40 hours a week again next year, and if I'm able to get a full-time, big girl job with a salary we will be able to afford doggy day care for the dogs. 

So now, what's a girl to do?  I have to make a decision by tomorrow morning, and literally have no clue what to do. 

For those of you who are new to CAwife, and might not know my entire job situation:
I was an elementary school teacher in Indiana.  Since moving here, I have resorted to subbing and working a few hours a work at JCrew for an income.  Although not ideal, I am enjoying what I'm currently doing for the most part.  I do however long to have my own classroom again.

THOUGHTS?  I need major guidance!  Even if you don't know me that well, tell me what you would do!

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My First Polyvore Set

                                       Lilac and Grey Day at the Beach

Swim Suit, Tote Bag, Sandals, and Necklace from J. Crew
Matta Hira Sarong
Lanvin Straw Ribbon Hat (in love, too bad it's over $400)
Original Wayfarer Ray Ban Sunglasses

I have always loved looking at everyone's sets from Polyvore on other blogs, so tonight while CAhusband caught up on his Discovery Channel, I decided to give it a try. Since it was 80+ degrees today and there were people swimming in the pool at our complex, I couldn't resist going the swimwear route. Obviously it features J.Crew, and isn't really anything too special, but I had fun playing around. I'm sure I will waste a ton of time on this website creating cute outfit combos in the future.
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Our Valentine's Weekend!

Due to the fact that we became pretty sure we were going to be welcoming a new puppy into our home this weekend, we kept our Valentine's plans very low key!  Here is what we've been up to:

  • Luckily the puppy now has a name, Piper!  Only 3 days late, but oh well.
  • Piper has some serious potty training issues, thank goodness we buy toilet paper in bulk at Costco.  It's going to be a long few weeks until we get her potty trained.
  • Piper and Reilly are truly in love, it is so cute to watch them play and snuggle.  Reilly has gotten very protective of her little sister, and rushes to protect her everytime she hears a dog or loud noise outside.
  • Piper and Reilly also love each others food way more than their own.  This little dance between bowls is driving me a little bonkers. 
  • Piper has very sharp little puppy teeth and loves to chew on Reilly's ears and tail.  Luckily Reilly doesn't mind too much.
  • Thank goodness for our new king size bed.  With Reilly at our feet, and Piper on one of our pillows, we need all of the room we can get. 
Valentine's Day:
  • The Zoku popsicle maker is a hit, and works so well!  You keep it in the freezer when you aren't using it, then pull it out when you want to use it and frozen pops are ready in 7 minutes.  The only down side is the freezing solution inside causes the machine to only work well with sugary mixes (no sugar substitutes), so no pops made with diet or sugar free juice.  So far we've made pomegranate pops, and they were very good.  They actually turn out like regular popsicles you buy, not ice cubes like the molds I had as a kid that took hours to freeze in the freezer and ended up tasting like plain ice. 
  • We spent most of Vday playing with the puppy and watching the Olympics.  It was over 80 degrees here though, so it was nice to be out with Piper and Reilly a lot, and try to teach the pup how to walk on a leash.
  • We made a super yummy dinner last night (post/recipes coming soon) and enjoyed some wine while watching more Olympics last night.  It was the perfect end to a great day. 
  • I have enjoyed the Winter Olympics way more than I thought I would.  For some reason I didn't remember enjoying them last time around, but I don't see how that's possible, because they're so great!
  • Apollo Ohno's silver medal in speed skating Saturday night was so much fun to watch!  I just love him, and can't wait to watch him win some more!
  • Watching the Chinese skate in the pairs competition last night was amazing.  How cute was it that they are married and were skating in the Olympics together on Valentine's Day?  I can't wait to watch them again tonight in the finals.  I'm sure they'll take home the gold. 

Did you have a great Valentine's Day?  Are you watching the Olympics as much as we are?

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Our New Pup!

Friday night we brought home the newest member of our family!  She has been an absolute doll, and Reilly is completely in love with her little sister.  Unfortunately we are still stuck on a name, but we are determined to have one by the end of the day.

We are stuck between Luna, Stella, and Piper.  Thoughts?


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Movie Review: Valentine's Day

First off, I expressed my reservations about this actually being a quality movie here, but I still couldn't wait to see it!  At the beginning I was a little afraid it was going to be cheesy, and just so, so; however, I promise this movie does not disappoint.  The ending is so cute, and had me leaving the theater feeling so happy.  I laughed and briefly teared up, and overall was very pleased it. 

No, this movie will not win any awards, but it is so cute and I can't imagine any girl/woman not enjoying it.  I went and saw it with some friends today and we all loved it; however, I'm still left wondering if CAhusband would have appreciated it or not?  He would never go see this willingly, but I truly think that in the end he would agree that it wasn't nearly as bad as he might have thought.  If you have a guy that doesn't avoid chick flicks like the plaugue, then I highly recommend it for your weekend plans. 

Also, Topher Grace's character is from Muncie, IN in this movie, and mentions it twice; along with some other overall Indiana jokes.  It really caught me off guard that my boring hometown snagged a mention in this movie.  I think everyone in the theater probably heard me shriek and say, "that's where I'm from".

Will you go see Valentine's Day this weekend?  If so, let me know what you think!

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CAwife's Take on Curent Events

After watching E-News this afternoon I felt compelled to comment on a few things pop culture...

First off, let me touch on American Idol.  I love Hollywood week, and Tuesday night's show was great; however, I am a notorious hater of Group Night and could barely make it through last night's obnoxious banter! 
  • Andrew Garcia's version of Paula's Straight Up was fan-freakin-tastic!  I wish I could buy it on iTunes and play it on repeat in my car; that's how much I love it!  I think Andrew will do really creative things with the music each week, so I really hope he makes it into the Top 12.  (Listen to Straight Up again and again like I do by playing the video below). 
  • I really think that Ellen did a great job on her first week as a judge, and it will definitely be interesting to see how she judges the Idol hopefuls in the coming rounds once they actually show more of her commentary.  I think the dynamic of the 4 current judges will be great this season, unfortunately it will be short lived with Simon leaving. 
  • BTW, WTF are they thinking with their possible Simon replacements?  Howard Stern?  Jamie Foxx?  Conan O'Brien?  No. No. and No.
  • Why in the world would they make Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape a song for group night?  I mean seriously, no one but Gwen can sing that non-stop refrigerator line!

Next up, Lady Gaga at amfAR's Fashion Week gala in New York City. 
I know I post about her costume crazies quite a bit, but I think we've hit a new low.  Was she trying to fit in with Snowmagedon on the East Coast by covering herself in white paint and snowball like warts, while simultaneously sporting a white bathing suit?  DiSaStER! 

Photo courtesy eonline.com

Last up, Kate Gosselin! 
Now, I know all moms deserve a night out with their friends, especially a mom of 8, but this NYC night on the town has me a little nervous of things to come.  Kate did nothing wrong by going to dinner and drinks, even a nightclub, but I hope she doesn't pull a John Gosselin on us and revert back to the lifestyle of a 20 year old with a fake ID and a bad fashion sense.

Photo courtesy People.com


-All silly banter aside, I'm especially sad to hear about the death of Alexander McQueen.  He was a truly great designer who I know will be greatly missed.

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Banana Republic, Cute Spring Tops!

Let me just say that this week has been BORING compared to my super busy week last week!  Unfortunately all schools around here have a 4 day weekend coming up (Friday through Monday), so there just haven't been as many teachers taking days off (except for at the scary high school CAhusband and I have agreed I will never go to).  I guess I understand because when I had scheduled days off coming up, I made it to school no matter what and saved my sick/personal days for those weeks when I really needed a break.  Unfortunately, this has left a previously very busy substitute with 3 days of not much to do (I am working at my fave school tomorrow though).  So, what have I been up to... lots of online browsing (no purchasing), reading, and TV watching. 

Here are some cute things I spotted over at Banana....


1. Silk Ruffle Sleeve Tie Waist Top $69.50
2. Short Sleeve Tiered Top $69.50
3.Heritage Rosette Tunic $69.50
4. Silk Racerback Color-Block Tank $59.50
5. Merino Marled Striped Cardigan $79.50
6. Sleeveless Ruffle Sweater $69.50

Now, I am very relieved to see that Banana has some cute stuff again, because honestly I feel like their clothes have been particularly blah over the past year.  In all likelihood I probably won't ever buy any of these things because I do most of my shopping at the Crew, however, I could be tempted, especially with their new 15% off for teachers and students. 

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