Holy Cow....

Now, I really no longer see myself as part of the MTV audience, but I do watch 16 and Pregnant.  Laugh all you want, I know I'm not the only one.  This show is intriguing and heartbreaking at the same time. Kudos to MTV for making this show realistic, and not all rainbows and fairytales!

Anyways, while catching up on last nights 16 and Pregnant I saw what can only be described as a 3 minute trailer for the final season on The Hills.  I have never watched The Hills with any regularity, but would catch episodes here and there.  However, I think I'll have to watch this last season, and this ridiculousness is why:
  • Heidi shows up at her mom's door in CO and says she can't wait for her mom to see Heidi 3.0 (AKA her hideous uber-fake new self).
  • Cut to Heidi crying on the couch with her mom while asking, "don't you think I look prettier," as her mom continuously shakes her head back and forth. 
  • Cut to Heidi saying, "I never imagined I'd be getting divorced on my 1 year anniversary."   I'm pretty sure she's the only one who didn't see this one coming. 
Now, the evolution of Heidi:

I think 100% of America would agree that she was really pretty before, and now looks like a much older person who had to undergo mass amounts of surgery to look young.  It so sad how delusional she is, but it will make for good TV!  Will you watch the final season of The Hills?

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J. Crew (Pt. 2 Things I Want)

Wrapping up my 2 part post on J. Crew spring arrivals, here are a few more things I'd like to add to my closet...

If only it were acceptable to wear white to someone else's wedding... I want this dress so badly, but I'm pretty sure that weddings are the only things I need something this dressy for this summer.  DARN!

The list could go on and on, but I'll stop there... for now ; )!  Any J.Crew new arrivals you can't wait to snatch up?

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J.Crew (Pt. 1 Recent Purchases)

When all else fails and I'm not feeling creative, I stick to my J.Crew posts. 

Why?  They're super easy, and people seem to like them.  This one will come in two parts: 1. Items I've Purchased and Love, 2. Items Currently in my Imaginary Shopping Cart

We only got a full size run in this t-shirt, and it sold out in the fist day.  It's so cute IRL, and the colors really stand out.  It looks great with jeans, shorts, etc., and I really love it!  Unfortunately this shirt has some major issues when washed, and should probably be tagged at Dry Clean only.  I didn't completely ruin my shirt after handwashing it, but it definitely needed some TLC. 

Disclaimer: I must add that I'm glad I saw this dress in person, rather than the pics online. I think the dress on the form looks nice, but on the model I think it looks awful! This dress is much better IRL; the online pics do not do this dress justice.
Now, last year I was too afraid of the maxi dress trend.  I don't know why, but something really scared my about a 5 ft. long dress.  When we got this dress in the store I didn't think much of it, but was asked by my manager to try it on so she could see how it looked and I fell in love.  The cut through the chest and back is very flattering, but SIZE DOWN!  This dress is very roomy and I needed an XS.  People much smaller than me just may not be able to make this dress work.  I grabbed the papaya color, but also love the grey.  I can't wait to wear this light weight and flowy dress on the super hot days we have coming very quickly!

Now, this is pretty trendy for J. Crew, but I fell in love with it!  Again, we just got a full size run in this top and it sold out in the first few hours our store was open.  It's looks fabulous when styled just like the model in the pic.  I wore it with skinny jeans and a white fitted t-shirt, then topped it off by belting it with a brown belt and matching brown gladiators.  When I tried it on, I honesly wasn't sure if I would like it belted, but it  looked adorable and is my new go-to outfit for a cute and casual night this spring.  If you ever come across this vest in your store, grab it quickly, I got tons of compliments on it!

 Honestly, I probably wouldn't have grabbed these had I not needed some more "teacher" pants, but I love them.  They're so light and comfortable, and I almost feel like I'm wearing PJ's!  I always wear these with a fitted top though, just to make sure I don't look too comfortable, but I love them. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Girl's Night

My sister is here, and luckily it just so happens to be Fashion Week at El Paseo.  Needless to say, the opportunity to hit a fashion show was the perfect excuse to have a girl's night out! 

The event we went to was tons of fun, and was the 2010 FIDM debut for their most promising students.  All 10 designers featured an entire collection, and overall I was very impressed.  They were incredibly talented, and it was way better than most things seen on Project Runway!  I also swear that one of the models was Lisa from last season.

Luckily I actually remembered to take my camera (and USE it); however, my photography skills are seriously lacking.  The only pictures that actually turned out are the ones other people took... go figure (yes I have just an automatic camera, nothing fancy here, and I still can't take a decent pic)!  So unfortunately there are no pictures of the incredible fashion, but I did get a few of my with my favorite girls!

My mom, sister, and I

Molly and I

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics that turned out with the other two girls that we went with, but the 5 of us had a great night out!

Oh, and did you notice my fancy convert to black and white technique?  For some reason I only like pictures of myself in hues of grey.  Does anyone else do this to pics of themself too?

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Reality TV Recap

Let's talk Dancing and Idol, shall we?

First off, I liked the theme this week on AI.  Billboard Top 100's provides so many songs to choose from, which thankfully doesn't make it too difficult just a few weeks in.  Overall I'm surprised that they didn't choose more current songs, but overall I thought it was a great show!  With the exception of Paige of course... thank God she went home.  She started off so strong, but Tuesday night was just awful; it was her time.

I think my pick for the next person to go is Tim Urban, followed by Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens.  Although A.G. started strong, I think he's really struggling, and there's something about K.S. that really bugs me, even though she has a great voice. 

I'm also going to go ahead and put my final 2 out there.  I think there are a lot of strong contestants left at this point, but I'm picking Crystal and Siobhan to go all the way.  I can't wait to see if I'm right!  Who do you think will stick around 'til the end?

 Now for the Season 10 premiere of DWTS...

Erin Andrews- I just love her, and thought she did a great job!  Her and Max are perfect partners, and I really think they'll go far.  
Evan Lysacek- I think he is just so much fun to watch, and I love how graceful he is.
Buzz Aldrin- Poor guy, it was just so bad.  You have to appreciate his courage for trying at his age, but you almost feel bad for him. 
Chad Ochocinco- I thought I would really dislike him, but there was something about his personality that I think will help him stick around awhile.  He's not the best dancer so far, but he is entertaining. 
Nicole Scherzinger- I wasn't a huge fan of hers before, but she's fabulous!  I really think she'll be a contender for the mirror-ball trophy in the end.
Pamela Anderson- I'm pretty sure she was drunk. Enough said.
Kate Gosselin- Although I think she's made some questionable choices, I hope she sticks around a little longer.  She really just seems to need the confidence boost!

Well, what did you think of Dancing and Idol this week? 

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What We've Been Up To...

I feel like my posting has been a little sporadic lately due to the mass amounts of family we have had visiting here in the desert. Here's the rundown:
(All back to back)
-My grandparents were here staying with my parents
-My cousin came to stay with my parents
-My SIL and her fiance came to stay with us
-Tomorrow my sister is coming to stay
Now don't get me wrong, aside from my parents the rest of my family is in the midwest, so the visitors are more than welcome! We absolutely love having visitors, but about a month of visitors causes your regular routine to get a little off track. Anyways, enough of that, here's what we've been up to!

VEGAS Vegas was fabulous. The Aria hotel is completely amazing, and we would all highly recommend it! Keep in mind though, the location is next to the Bellagio (towards the older stuff, not Ceasars), so when you're trying to get to other hotels, you have quite a hike! Personally, I think the Mirage has the best location, right smack in the middle of everything, but if you don't mind the location, you should stay at The Aria during your next Vegas vacation! Unfortunately I have absolutely SUCKED in the picture dept. lately, and have next to no pictures.

Also, O was amazing! Our seats were perfect, 4th row and right in the middle!  Go see this show!  Although I knew that I was Cirque obsessed before, I have now made it my mission to as many of the shows as possible! Mystere at Treasure Island and Viva at Aria are the next two on my list for Vegas!

Our Visitors
We had a great time with my SIL and her fiance last week!  Since we haven't lived here all that long, we weren't really sure about the best time for visitors, but now we know that it's during the second and third weeks of March.  There was so much going on here that we didn't even get to it all, and the weather was beyond perfect.  We were able to take them to so many of our favorite places, and had a fabulous time.  Now I'm so excited for my sister to come tomorrow and our next house guests in April!

Our Weekend
  • Friday night we ate at home and caught up on our DVR!  It was absolutely fabulous to relax and go to bed early!
  • Saturday we dropped a small fortune at the vet for both dogs.  Shots, blood work, heart worm meds, etc. seriosuly add up quickly, and I'm so relieved at least Reilly won't have to make another trip to the vet for another year (knock on wood).  Piper now weighs 21 lbs, and Reilly weighs 69 lbs! 
  • Saturday afternoon I got to lay out by the pool and catch up on magazines.  I also finally started The Help. 
  • Saturday night we ate dinner at the local wine bar, and actually ran into the one manager I love at J.Crew and her husband.  We sat with them and enjoyed some more wine after dinner, and had a great time!
  • Sunday, CAhusband hit the golf course, and I met a friend for lunch.  We both made it home to watch the end of the Purdue game, and thank goodness we made it to the Sweet 16!  Unfortunately we play Duke next... yikes!
  • Sunday night we finally got to celebrate my dad's birthday by having dinner at my parents house!  We had a great time catching up and playing with the dogs. 
Well overall, that was a pretty boring post!  Back to the exciting (well, maybe?) stuff tomorrow!

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8 (and 3 days) Months In

What do you know, with the craziness that our March has been I completely forgot about my 8 month anniversary post (even though I knew I'd forget it, and even wrote it on my calendar to help remind me).  Anyways, I think I already covered that our 8th month of marriage has been a busy one, but it has also been great! 

-CAhusband had his busiest month at work yet
-We've had family in town visiting either us or my parents pretty much  non-stop 
-CAhusband traveled for work
-We've had the addition of Piper to continue to keep us on our toes
-We both traveled to Vegas

Overall, no big changes, and I'll keep this short and sweet.  Lift is good for CAwife and CAhusband, and we're looking forward to some more down time in the next month!

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Spring is Here!

The official start to spring is just a few days away, but spring has sprung in full force here in the desert!  We've been in the high 80's for about a week now, and I am in love!  Unfortunately it will be TOO hot here by the end of May, so I need to soak it up now!  Here are some of my favorite things for spring:

I got one of these bags at a bridal shower with my new initials, and I'm slightly obsessed with it!  It's the perfect pool/beach bag, that may be one of my new "go-to" bridal shower gifts!  The medium size is perfect for one person, but I think I might also get a large to use when I have both of our things for the pool!


The perfect refreshing cocktail for warm days in the sun!

This bathing suit is on my wish list in bright pink. 
I cannot wait to purchase this super cute bikini soon!

OPI I'm His Coral Friend

This is my go-to nail color for the spring and summer. 
It's a bright coral color that looks great with a good tan!


The poppies that I planted in our pots on the patio are finally blooming! 
Although their beauty is short lived, as the blooms blow off
with the first strong breeze, I absolutely love them!

What are your favorite things for spring?

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday!  Unfortunately he's been out of town for over a week, but he'll be home very soon so that we can celebrate as a family this weekend, and I can't wait.  I feel so fortunate to be near my parents again so that we can celebrate birthdays and holidays together, which was pretty difficult when we were over 2000 miles apart just 1 year ago. It has definitely been great to be able to get together for Sunday night dinners, and have family birthdays without having to worry about a flight! : )

Living near my mom and dad again has been so nice, and they're definitely one of our favorite couples to get together with.  I love the fact that my dad and CAHusband are best buds and get together to golf at least once a week, and that they're just a few miles away when we need something.  My dad is funny, loving, and is the best dad I could ask for! 

Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you and can't wait to celebrate when you get home soon!!

Photos by Megan W Photography

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Vegas Bound

After I complete my massive to-do list this morning (which of course did not include my current activities: blogging and watching Project Runway from last night) we head to Las Vegas for the weekend!  It's about a 3.5 hour drive from here, and we will meet my SIL and her fiance there, before they join us in the desert for the rest of the week! 

We will stay at the brand-spankin' new Aria hotel!

Which is part of the new City Center

Which has the fabulous new LV "Crystals" store

We will also head to the Bellagio to see "O" which is the Cirque's only water show!
CAhusband and I have seen La Nuba at Disney, and Love on our first Vegas trip 2 summers ago, and cannot wait to see another Cirque show. I absolutely love them!!  We have amazing seats, and they even warned us that we might get a little wet. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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Alice in Wonderland

I was never much of a fan of the original animated version of Alice in Wonderland.  As a kid, I was really afraid of most Disney movies, and Alice was one of them.  However, the Disney channel had a show called Adventures in Wonderland that I absolutely adored.  It had actors (I hated cartoons as a kid), and it was whimsical, colorful, and fun!  Did you ever watch it?  

Needless to say, when I heard they were making Alice again, I hoped it would be like my fun, colorful, and whimsical childhood favorite.  Then, I heard Tim Burton was making it, and knew that wasn't going to happen.  After watching Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I had a horrible feeling he would ruin this for me too.  I absolutely hated his version of Charlie, and disliked how it made a fun story so dark, bizarre, and scary.  Although I feared his version of Alice would be the same, I definitely was intrigued and wanted to see it!


Last night my mom, cousin, and I went and saw it in 3D at the IMAX theater.  At first the 3D made me slightly nauseaus, but once I got used to it I really liked it (except for when she went tumbling down the rabbit hole, I had to take off the glasses).  Overall, the film was dark and pretty bizarre, but there was something I kind-of liked about it.  When I came home I told CAhusband I was glad I saw it, but didn't really care to see it again.  I don't really know if I would recommend it to others, but several people clapped at the end, and everyone was raving about it for the most part.  The costumes, make-up, and effects were definitely cool to watch; however, if I was a child it would have terrified me (although I was and am very easily spooked).

Have you seen, or will you see Alice in Wonderland? What did you think?

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Piper Update!

Warning: This post is very heavy on puppy pictures!

It's hard to belive that Piper is now 3 months old!  She has grown so fast, and although we love that she's growing and learning, we hate that she's going to be full grown before we know it. 

We have made huge strides in the potty training department, and although the biting and chewing is still problematic, we're making progress.  This weekend we'll be traveling to Las Vegas, and both Piper and Reilly will be staying with my parents.  I'm a little nervous to see how they'll do given that both of our dogs are major attention hogs, and my parents dog dislikes sharing his mommy very much!  Luckily Piper already has my mom wrapped around her little paw! : )

These days I call Piper "Stitch" a lot; as in Lilo and Stitch.  Her ears are constantly flipped up/out, and she's always showing her teeth to try and chew on anything/everything.  She also makes lot of very weird sounds just like Stitch!  Literally, you may think I'm exaggerating, but she makes this face a lot! Of course, I don't have proof in any of my pictures, but I have now made it my mission to catch her in "Stitch" mode.

She's now so big she doesn't want to sit on my lap in the car, she wants to ride in the
back with her sister. 

She loves our bed!

This one is my favorite!

Piper goes wherever Reilly goes, and will try to lay in the exact same spot as her.
Luckily, Reilly doesn't seem to mind and likes to snuggle!

Her legs are getting so long!  She's very tall and lanky right now!

She absolutely crashes after playing hard with Reilly! 

Look how big she has gotten!  She'll be Reilly size before we know it.

Too cute!

Well for those of your who aren't dog lovers, or could care less, this post probably put you right to sleep!  Luckily, I know I have family reading who haven't even met her yet, and probably don't mind the picture overload!

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