American Idol Finale

Well, last night was the end of American Idol, and although I have pretty much hated this season, I can always appreciate a good finale.  I haven't watched in at least a month, and honestly didn't really care who won, which definitely made watching the two-hour Simon-fest a little less stressful.

Alanis Morissette and Crystal, "You Oughta Know"
This was one of my favorite parts, and I thought it was a good match overall! 
It definitely reminded me of how much I used to love Alanis and the entire Jagged Little Pill CD . 

Brett Michaels and Casey
Was anyone else shocked to see Brett Michaels walk onto that stage? 
Given everything he's been through lately, I was thoroughly surprised! 
Carrie Underwood Performance
Everytime I see Carrie Underwood perform, I love her a little more. 
Not only does she always look fantastic, but she's an outstanding performer. 
I'm off to download Undo It now.

Bald Janet Jackson?
This is what went through my head when Janet came on stage,
"It sure sounds like Janet, but whoa, Janet's not bald.  Oh wait, I think that's really her. 
 Please tell me she didn't go all Brittney on us and shave her head." 
Despite the new nearly hairless do, I love me some Janet.  A good rendition of Nasty Boys will always make me long for Design of the Decade on my boom box circa 1995!
(Yes, I know she's not technically bald, but whoa, she's pretty close)   

Farewell Simon
The Simon and Paula love-fest was almost a little too much for my stomach, but you're gotta hand it to the guy, he's very good at what he does.  He's brutally honest and rude, but the show never would have made it this long without him.  I do feel like this farewell overshadowed the real reason for the finale a bit, but I did appreciate the comedic montages. 
I seriously doubt that Idol can make it without him next year, but we will see! 

Lee is the next American Idol!
In the beginning, you'll remember that I had Siobhan and Crystal pegged for the final two.  I'm not really a fan of either of their kinds of music, but I really thought they were the two favorites.  I don't even think that I had Lee in my "pretend Top 6," which shows how much I know. 
Overall, I think Crystal was a better singer, but I'm very glad that Lee won.  Also, thank God they got rid of the hokey "reach for the stars" song that they were always forced to release as their first single.  I've hated that for years, and am SOOO glad they got rid of it this year.

Well, that's my ridiculously long Idol recap.  What did you think of last nights show?  Do you think Idol will make it next year without Simon?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Another Random Post

Well, it just wouldn't be a week in blogging if I didn't have at least one random post, so here it goes...

-I finished Heart of the Matter last night, and although I'm so glad I read it I'm just not traditionally a fan of books about struggling marriages and affairs.  I know that this does seem to be a theme in most of her books, but I think I liked all of the others more than this one.  In my opinion Publisher Weekly's review had it right when they said, "fans will enjoy the cameos (Rachel and Dex), but for the best of Giffin, don't miss her earlier works."  If you've read it I would love to know what you thought!  Please don't let my review discourage you from reading it, definitely find out for yourself.

-Due to the fact that I stayed up late last night finishing my book, I missed watching DWTS live. I'm watching it this morning, which means I didn't get to vote, but I'm really pulling for Erin and Maks.  If they don't win, I really hope it's Evan, because even though Nicole is REALLY good, she also REALLY gets on my nerves.

-At the Ann Taylor Loft sale this weekend I picked up my new favorite shorts for summer!  They fit so well, are really flattering, and aren't too short!  If you need some new shorts I really suggest you go try these on!  I know you can't see the braided detail too well in this pic, but I promise that it adds to the cuteness.

-This morning I made a fruit salad and some bruschetta in preparation for my parents coming over for dinner tonight to watch American Idol and The Biggest Loser finale (I don't know how I'll watch DWTS- EEK). I usually speed through each week's episode of The Biggest Loser because there is just too much fluff in those 2-hour episodes, but I absolutely love to watch the finale episode to see how much weight the contestants have been able to lose on their own. It's always so impressive, and I can't wait to see who will win. Do you watch The Biggest Loser? Who do you think will win?

Well, I think that's all I've got this morning!  I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday!

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Fill in the Blank Friday.... Fashion Edition

Yay, it's finally Friday, and that means it's time to play Fill in the Blanks with Lauren from The Little Things We Do!  If you'd like to play along too, hop over to Lauren's blog and link up!

1. One fashion trend I really regret is hmm, I dunno, I went through a phase around my freshman year of high school where I thought BEBE rhinestoned shirts were really awesome!  Haha, so embarrassing!

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is, well, I'm huge on skinny belts right now and try to add them to an outfit wherever possible, and yes, this is kind of a J.Crew thing.  The kids at school always ask why my belts are so skinny and they aren't in belt loops, ha!  CAhusband also doesn't understand my belting habits!

3. I would describe my personal style as, 1/2 preppy, 1/2 trendy!  I've always struggled with this, and I feel like I kind of need to commit to one style or the other, but I guess there's really no need to.  I'm big on solids, ruffles, pleats, and polka dots; while also liking fun prints and more current trends like rompers. 

4. My fashion muse is hmm, so tough, but I'd have to say Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow.  They always look so classic and pulled together!

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be a pair of Christian Loubiton black patent pumps or a classic black quilted Chanel purse.  (You knew I couldn't pick just one)


6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of either of my above actresses or Jennifer Aniston!

7. Today I am wearing J.Crew toothpick jeans and a light aqua J.Crew graphic tee!  Once I get ready for school, I'll be wearing my yellow LEC dress that I absolutely adore!

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Giveaway Winner!

I'm super excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway, sponsored by CSN stores
Ali from Redhead Reports, you are the winner of a $40 giftcard to any of CSN's 200+ stores, congrats!!!

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to post the random number generator, but I swear I was honest.  Ali, I'll be contacting you shortly!

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Thusday Night Randomness

Although this week's has seemed to go by VERY quickly, I'm absolutely exhausted.  Sadly, I've become very accustomed to working my 5 hours a day (12-5), and this week's calendar broke my daily routine. 

Normally, I wake up really early with CAhusband, feed and walk the dogs, then settle into the couch and catching up on my blogging and google reader while watching DVR-ed TV from the previous night.  I then do some sort of house work before getting in the shower and getting ready for work.  I usually get one errand in on my way to school, and by the end of the week I'm caught up on TV, errands, housework, etc.  It may seem lazy, but oh, how I love this precious time! 

This week; however, I had a morning dental appointment, and 2 super early shifts at J.Crew.  Although nothing tragic, it totally threw off my normal groove and I feel like I'll be playing catch up forever.  I haven't even watched this week's GLEE yet, and I was super excited to see NPH.  Maybe I'll get that in tomorrow.

Anyways, here are my thoughts:
  • Boy am I glad I didn't buy any of the items on my Ann Taylor Loft wishlist, because they're having a 30% off sale for full priced items this Saturday!!!!  I will definitely have to make a trip this weekend while CAhusband is golfing. 
This Saturday, May 22nd from 11-5 ONLY (I think)
  • Thank God for super easy meals like mac and cheese from the box, frozen pizza, and pre-made Ravioli from Costco, because otherwise this little family would have gone hungry this week.  Yup, that's right, I didn't cook a single "real meal." 
  • I finished The Time Traveler's Wife last Sunday and absolutely loved it!  I think it's one of my all-time favorite books.  CAhusband and I then watched the movie Monday night.  Although we both enjoyed it, I didn't love it, and think I would have been thoroughly confused if I hadn't read the book.  Did anyone else feel this way?
  • I'm secretly relieved that TV is ending for the summer!  Although there are a few shows that I'll continue to watch (mainly from Bravo) I'm looking forward to catching up on all of the books I want to read and doing more than sitting on the couch every night to watch our latest favorites. 
  • I'm pretty sure we hit 100 degrees today for the first time this year. Our weather man; however, refers to this as the "century mark,"  and everytime he says it I think I gag a little.  For some reason I hate it when he says this and I have no idea why.  Is "century mark" a common term for 100 degrees, and I've just never heard it before, or does our weather man just think he's extremely clever? 
Alright, I think that's enough for tonight.  Tune in tomorrow a.m. for the CSN stores $40 giftcard winner!

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How a Kindergarten Student Made My Day

Today while working with the kindergarten class, I think I got the best compliment I've received in awhile.....

Student #1: Oh, Mrs. S I love your earrings.

Mrs. S:  Awe, thanks!

Student #2: and I really like you dress

Student #3: I really like your sandals

Mrs. S: Well thanks guys, that's very sweet

Student #4: Mrs. S!!!!

Mrs. S: Yes?

Student #4: I,  love your WHOLE BODY!!!

Mrs. S: (trying really hard not to bust out laughing) well.... ummmm, thanks! : )

That my friends is how a kindergarten student made my day!

*** Also, don't forget to enter to win a $40 gift certificate to CSN stores!  The giveaway ends tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific time.

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Our 10 Month Anniversary

It's so hard to believe that we've been married 10 months! 

Lately I feel like we've both been a little nostalgic about our pre-wedding parties and all of the fun that went along with getting married.  This time last year we were starting to finish up the last minute stuff, having bridal/couples showers, and researching the details for our honeymoon.  Now we're feeling like an old married couple, ha!! 

The warm weather has also had me dreaming of a second honeymoon!  On last week's episode of RHNYC they went to St. John, where we traveled for our honeymoon.  It was so nice to see all of the familiar spots we visited, and now I'm constantly day dreaming about a tropical  and relaxing beach vacation. 

Anyways, this month has been busy and fun.  Piper has officially caused us more fits than we thought possible, and we have both discovered how easily a puppy can bring chaos to our happy home.  We pretty much live for the weekends, and have settled into that "old" couple routine of cleaning, organizing, Target, Costco, and then home to relax while watching TV and enjoying a home cooked meal, which we love.  We've also definitely realized that although we're busy and life gets hectic at times, it's definitely better doing it all together, and are so thankful for each other everyday. 

Our summer has quickly filled up with lots of weekend getaways and fun plans.  Most of all though, we can't wait to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in La Jolla in just 2 months!

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LOFT Wish List

So yesterday, I had 1 free hour between the dentist and the start of work, conveniently 2 blocks away from fabulous shopping.  I hadn't been able to make it to Ann Taylor Loft to try on my dream dress yet like I'd planned, so that was where I decided to kill my time.  BIG mistake, I don't know why I choose to tempt myself like this.  Anyway here are the items that I did not buy, but REALLY want to:

I went and tried this on, and now love it even more.  It fits perfectly, and the subtle metallic of the skirt portion is so pretty.  This dress also has pockets, which is a major plus!

They didn't have this in the store, but I love it!  The exposed back zipper is really cute, and I love the pretty blue color.  I love how they have it paired with white denim!

I tried this on with the olive-ish colored bermuda shorts, and they looked perfect together!  The fit was REALLY flattering, and will be perfect for warm weather.

This dress is soooo comfortable, and I love how it fit!  I love the green color, and am definitely in need of some more comfortable cotton dresses, I've definitely warn out quite a few from last summer!

The knot detail on this dress is so cute, and again was comfortable and really flattering!  The back is also really cute, although I'm a little unsure if I really like any of the colors. 

I hate this top with these pants and necklace, but really liked the color and fit IRL. Not that I really need another tiered ruffle top though. 

Oh goodness, just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back and snatch them right up.  Have you been to Loft lately?

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My First Giveaway

I'm so excited to announce my very first giveaway brought to you by CSN stores.  I was contacted by them a few weeks ago, and am excited to finally offer you a $40 gift certificate to any of their 200+ online stores.  Some of their amazing products include cookware, cutlery, corner TV stands, and home accessories. 

Here are some of the amazing products that they offer over at CSN:

Lots of fabulous Le Creuset products

Tons of great All-Clad cookware

and, what I would personally spend the $40 on if I won (which I can't)
MUModern Waffle Dishtowels & Dishcloths
I have these towels and I am obsessed with them!  I definitely want to buy some more!
They're so soft, and the waffle texture is great for cleaning up messes.
(Yes, I really truly would buy $40 worth of dishtowels)

So, if you'd like to enter to win the $40 gift card, here's how you can enter:
  • Become a follower of CAwife and then let me know you're a follower by commenting on this post.
  • If you're already a follower, just let me know by commenting in this post . 
I will use random.org to choose a winner on Thursday evening.  You must enter by 5 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday to be eligible.  Make sure to leave me your email address too if you don't have a blog that links back to it, so that I can contact you should you win!

So, hop on over to the CSN main page to check out all of their great websites and products. 

Note:  I was not paid to write this post, nor did I receive any other gifts as compensation. I was approached by CSN to sponsor a giveaway for my readers and graciously accepted. 
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This Dress Should Be Named After Me!

While browsing Ann Taylor Loft I came across a dress so perfect for me, it should have my name.  I love everything about it, and will be stopping at ATL on my way home from work tomorrow (teacher discount in hand) to see it IRL. 

The colors are perfectly neutral, which I love; plus anything with a ruffle (especially a pleated one) deserves a spot in my closet. 

Isn't it just too cute for words?  I love the shoes too!

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My Summer Movie Picks!

I think I've made it clear before that CAhusband and I NEVER go to the movie theater.  He absolutely hates it, therefore, I hardly ever go either.  That is until I met my friend Amy, who shares my love for chick flicks... I think she'll definitely be my company to most of the movies on my list this summer!

These are my must sees, but check out this full summer movie calendar for all of the release dates.

Iron Man 2
May 7th
Yes, I already saw and mentioned this, but it was on my list of must sees, so I figured I would include it again!

Sex and the City 2
May 27th
I'm pretty sure that this movie is on every girl's must see list this summer, so there's no explanation really needed here.  Last night CAhusband came across a preview for this movie, and at the end he said, "You know what, I'll take you to see that."  I started laughing and said, "No way, there are already girl's night plans made to see that one.  Sorry."  I think he honestly kind of wanted to see it, and was a little bummed!

Toy Story 3
June 18th
I don't really know who I'll see this one with, but I think it looks so cute!  I definitely want to see it in 3D!

June 30th
Eclipse was my favorite book of the Twilight series, so I'm beyond excited to see the film version. 

Dinner for Schmucks
 July 23rd
This comedy features Steve Carrel and Paul Rudd, and was on CAhusband's must see list the second he saw a preview.  I usually like goofy, immature comedies, so I think we'll likely see this one for a good laugh!

Eat, Pray, Love
August 13
I must finish the book first, but I love anything with Julia Roberts and will definitely see this movie.  My SIL, VABelle, posted the trailer awhile ago and I think it looks fantastic!!!

Some other notable movies that I'm on the fence about right now include:
Robin Hood (5/14): I usually hate this kind of flick because of the violence, but my mom and CAhusband want to see it, so I likely will!

Prince of Persia: Same story as above, not huge on my list, but I'll likely see it!

Killers (6/4): I feel like this rom com plot is so predictable, but I love Heigl and Kutcher, so who knows?

Knight and Day (6/25): Again, I'm over this whole plot I think, but like Diaz and Cruise, so I might see it!

Grown Ups (6/25): This stupid comedy had me laughing in the preview, and might be something we go to at some point and time for a good laugh!  I know CAhusband wants to see this one.

The Switch (8/20): I haven't seen a trailer for this yet, but Jennifer Aniston as the leading lady might get me to the theater. 

What movies are on your must see list this summer?

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