Misc. Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, mine is slowly creeping by, but that's okay because it's Wednesday and we're half way to the weekend! 

Here are some miscellaneous items I've been wanting to share...

CAhusband actually stuck to his promise, and we went and saw Despicable Me with our friends the Spano's on Sunday afternoon.  To give you an idea on how long it's been since CAhusband frequented the movie theater, this was his first 3D film, and he was thoroughly amused by the glasses. Anyway, I absolutely loved this movie, and thought it was way better than I originally anticipated!  I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was both funny and had a very sweet ending!

Project Runway is premiering this Thursday, and I had absolutely no idea (until I saw the little icon at the bottom of the screen on Lifetime while channel surfing this weekend).  I consider myself to be very current on all things TV, and I had no clue, which tells me 1 thing:  Lifetime sucks at publicizing!  Anyway, although I thought the last season was pretty ho-hum, I look forward to seeing if this season is any better.  Will you watch?

This Chef Boyardee commercial for ravioli literally cracks me up.  Everytime I see it, I rewind to watch it again.  Don't you think it's hilarious?

-My mom got invited to this sneak peak opening of our new Anthropologie tomorrow night and asked me to go!  It doesn't open 'til Friday, so I'm super excited to get a first look of the new store before the general public!  This new Anthro is huge news, because previously our closest store was an hour and a half away.  I'm trying to contain my excitement though, since CAhusband gave me a strict "no buying" policy (haha). 

I'm secretly hoping they have this dress... wouldn't it be perfect for the first day of school or
Back-to-School night?

Well I think that's all I've got for today...
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It's Probably Hard to Believe I've Made Progress in This Room

I was hired for my first teaching job 72 hours before school started.  I came into a COMPLETELY empty room at a brand new school with no supplies- ANYTHING, besides desks!  Surprisingly, I was able to make the room look great and have the first 2 days completely planned before the kids came the first morning (I was in that room for 60 of the 72 hours).  Unfortunately though, I spent the next 6 weeks literally living at school.  I would get there super early, and stay 'til super late, simply playing catch up on the things veteran teachers have in their heads and other teachers do over their summer break.

Now this year I was hired in May and school doesn't start until after Labor Day, so I was ELATED.  My plan was to completely kick butt in my classroom all summer long.  I planned to come in like 2 or 3 days a week and make insane amounts of progress in order to avoid teaching all day and planning until I fell asleep through November. 
Given that I was starting at a new school and in a new grade, I couldn't wait to get into my new room this summer.  The previous teacher was out by the third week of June, and I came in right away to start organizing and purging. 

This is the room I came into:

This is what I've done with it, 5 weeks later:

Ideally I would have everything put away by now and would be delving into curriculum and unit plans. I would then start making it pretty with bulletin boards and such in late August.  However, what am I doing right now?  I'm AR leveling my insane amount of children's books for my classroom library (why I chose to start here, I have no idea)!!!

And although it make look like I've done nothing, I feel a need to list what I actually have done (so you don't think I've gone into this seemingly organized room and simply added clutter):

-Purged about 500++ lbs. of outdated teaching materials (hidden behind the sliding marker boards and in every cabinet)
-Organized all curriculum and materials left in the room
-Come up with an overall space plan (although it isn't in action yet)
-Rearranged the computers
-Moved in all of my teaching supplies
-Unpacked almost all of my boxes
-Started leveling books for my classroom library (1/4th of the way done... maybe?)

I'm hoping to get down to nannying just 3 days a week by next week, which will hopefully allow me to show you an at least somewhat more organized 2nd grade classroom by the end of next week.

Note 1: I'm about as type-A as they come, and this unorganized classroom I'm posting for you to criticize is killing me.  I'm using it as motivation to make more progress!

Note 2: I know many of you don't care about my classroom progress, but family members ask me about this stuff all the time and like to see pictures!
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YaY for Another CSN Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce another giveaway brought to you by CSN stores. I was contacted by them last week to do a repeat giveaway, and am excited to offer you a $40 gift certificate to any of their 200+ online stores once again. Whether you're searching for cookware, home accessories, or a bedroom vanity, CSN has got you covered!

Here are some of the amazing products that they offer over at CSN:

and what I'm currently eyeing on one of their sites, All Modern Pet, these collars for the girls...

Here's how to enter for your chance to win a $40 giftcard for any of CSN's 200+ stores:
-You must be a follower of Life as a California Wife, and then comment on this post to let me know you're a follower.
  • I will use random.org to choose a winner on Tuesday August 3rd.
  • You must enter by 5 p.m. Pacific time on August 3rd to be eligible.
  • Make sure to leave me your email address if you don't have a blog that links back to it, so that I can contact you if you win!
So, hop on over to the CSN main page to check out all of their great websites and products.

Note: I was not paid to write this post, nor did I receive any other gifts as compensation. I was approached by CSN to sponsor a giveaway for my readers and was happy to accept..

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Reverting to Bullet Points

I've got lots of random things on my brain right now that can't come together for one cohesive post, so here it goes...

  • CAhusband and I started watching Mad Men this week!  We borrowed Season 1 from my parents, and already have Season 2 on the way from Netflix.  So far it seems a little slow, but I've been warned of this!  I figure anything that has been nominated for so many awards and has received so much hype must be good!  We're both looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home this weekend after our really busy last month, so I'm sure we'll watch tons of it.  One things for sure, we won't be laying in the sun, although CAhusband has decided 110+ can't scare him away from his golf game! 

  • I'm finally going to be able to get into my classroom again today!  I haven't been to school in almost a month, and the looming deadline of school starting after Labor Day is sneaking up on me.  I have a HUGE list of things I originally wanted accomplished before July 1st, but with picking up a nanny job Mon-Thurs, and leaving every weekend, I haven't even unpacked my boxes yet! 
  • I have yet to see even one of the movies on my summer must-see list!  Since we're home this weekend, I've finally convinced my movie-theater-hater husband to see a movie with me!  Due to the fact that I was able to actually get him to go, I vowed to let him choose the flick... his current choice is Despicable Me.  Has anyone seen this?  What did you think? 
  • On another movie note, I really want to see The Kids are Alright.  I saw a review on the news this morning, and he said it was this year's Little Miss Sunshine, which is one of my all-time favorite movies!  They also mentioned that this movie was already getting some Oscar buzz!  I'm definitely adding this movie to my list, but am doubtful CAhusband will see this one with me!  Have you heard about this movie?  Doesn't it sound great?
  • I am super excited to hear that Sophie Kinsella is releasing another Shopaholic book!! Mini Shopaholic is set to release in September, which means I need to finish the last two books in the series that I haven't read yet!  Do you like the Shopaholic books?  I originally didn't want to read them, but was convinced, and love how easy they are to read.  They're pretty silly and are just the non-serious escape I need sometimes!

Well, that was a random post if there ever was one...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Little OCD About My Bookshelf

A few years ago I started actually buying the books I read, rather than borrowing from friends or getting them from the library (okay, not all, but most).  I did this mainly because I have a goal to have a kick ass library in our future house someday (inspiration below).  Spare me on the Kindle speech, I don't want one, I like REAL books.

Over the past few years I've accumulated about 60 books, and yes, I like to keep them on display.  Right now they fill about 3 shelves on my bookshelf in the living room, and I have them organized by color.  CAhusband thinks this is an absurd way to organize books; however, after seeing it in a decor magazine (like the inspiration photo above) I decided to try it with our books, just to see how it looked.  Although it's a little cheesy, I like it, but here's where the OCD comes in.

  • I have tons of red, blue, and black books... but only a few of the other colors.  I now ridiculously find myself searching for orange, green, and purple books at the bookstore, simply because of their color.  Obviously, I'm not that OCD and stop myself from actually purchasing them, but I definitely think about it for a significant amount of time.
  • When I loan a book out to a friend I really miss it!  (If you're reading and have borrowed a book from me, this isn't a hint, keep it, this is my OCD we're discussing here).  I loaned The Help to the school secretary, and it's one of my very few yellow books.  I now nearly obsess over how my shelf looks "funny" without it there.
  • Piper has eaten several of my books, that were once more spaced out through all 5 shelves (now they're only on the top 3, so she can't reach).  Although my books are some of my most prized possessions, I've chosen to deal with it; UNLESS, she ate a book that belongs to a series that I've collected!!!!  For example, I own all of the Emily Giffin books, and Piper ate Love the One You're With (the green one).  Now this was especially painful because I seriously take pride in having all of the books by an author, and it was one of my FEW green books!  Although I've read the book, I now find myself REALLY wanting to re-purchase it!  How ridiculous is that?? 
  • While watching TV, CAhusband will find me staring at the bookshelf.  What am I doing?  I'm obsessing over if the shades of the books are organized correctly, like should I organize the shades of blue from light to dark, or dark to light?  Where should the aqua/turquoise books go? Where do black and white books fall into the rainbow spectrum?
After all of this obsession I'm starting to think I should maybe I should un-do the color coding!  What do you think?  Do you buy your books or utilize the library?  How do you organize your books?
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Our Anniversary Weekend in La Jolla

CAhusband and I feel so lucky to have had a wedding in La Jolla on the Friday night of our anniversary weekend, because it was the perfect excuse for us to escape the heat and travel to an area of San Diego we hadn't been to before! 

Friday night we checked into our hotel, The Grande Colonial, which was also where the reception was.  We then walked to the ceremony which was on a grassy patch overlooking the ocean.  The wedding was beautiful, and we truly enjoyed seeing some of our best friends from home that we hadn't seen in years tie the knot! 

Saturday we slept in, then set out for brunch at Whisk'n'Ladle!  This restaurant was outstanding, and was definitely one of those places we would have eaten at several more times if we'd had the chance.  The atmosphere was great and the food was fantastic!!

After brunch we walked for 4 hours ALL through La Jolla!  The weather was at least 30 degrees cooler than what we've had in the desert, so being outside without suffocating was fantastic!  We couldn't stop talking about how nice it felt to just walk around, a luxury we haven't been able to enjoy lately in the furnace where we live.

After walking for 4 hours, we stopped at PrepKitchen for a glass of wine/beer and enjoyed a cheese plate.  We weren't eating dinner 'til 8:30, so this little break was just what we needed, plus the cheese was FANTASTIC!

Saturday night we went to dinner at George's California Modern to celebrate our anniversary.  This meal was the highlight of our trip, and is highly recommended if you ever want a fine dining dinner in La Jolla! We ate and drank ourselves silly, and loved every second of it.  We had amazing ocean views, and impeccable service; it was the perfect anniversary dinner!

Sunday we woke up nice and early to get in a huge walk before heading home!  It was 66 degrees, which felt super cold, but was also AMAZING.  We had breakfast and coffee at a local coffee shop, then set out on our walk.  We walked for almost two hours, and again relished every second of being outdoors without the threat of heat stroke or dehydration! 

Overall we had a fantastic anniversary weekend!  We both loved La Jolla, and can't wait to go back!!

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Our First Year of Wedded Bliss

Today marks CAhusband and I's 1 year anniversary, and we're both still amazed at how quickly the last year has gone by! 

There's nothing like an anniversary to make you appreciate how lucky you are to share your life with the one you love.  We were lucky enough to get away for a weekend in La Jolla, where we enjoyed the wedding of our high school friends Friday night, and got to spend the rest of the weekend just the two of us!  Getting away on our own was just what we needed after 2 previous VERY busy weekends with lots of planned activities.  We both enjoyed leaving the laptop at home, turning off the TV and just spending some quality time together.  I'll post more on our weekend away tomorrow, but it was fantastic!

Over the last year CAhusband both feel like we've grown a lot, and while we've changed in our own ways as we've adjusted to a new area and new jobs, we've grown so much closer as our relationship has grown stronger.  There's no better way to start a new chapter in life than with your best friend, and we're so thankful for each other everyday.

Now, I leave you with some wedding pictures...

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