Happy Halloween!

**No, we didn't really dress Piper and Reilly up for Halloween, this picture is from a few weeks ago when my MIL was visiting.  She bought these costumes for their pup's Doggy Day Care Halloween party, and wanted to try them on our girls to see how they looked.  I still surprised we got a picture that wasn't a huge blur from them going nuts in costume! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween!
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This and That

Here are some ramblings....

TOMS seem to be all the rage right now, but I just can't wrap my head around them?!?! 

Are they cute? 
Are they hideous? 
They sure look comfy.
I bet they'd make my feet look big if I wore them with skinny jeans. 
I could definitely wear the silver glitter ones... maybe? 
Oooh, I want the pink glitter baby shoes! 

What do you guys think?  I clearly can't decide!

The commercials for this new KRAFT mac and cheese are taunting me big time.  I am what you could call a mac and cheese addict, and you can't find this mac and cheese anywhere around here.
Has anyone tried it?

I know image is far from original, it's been floating around the interwebs for what seems like forever, but now that we have a fireplace I want to do this so badly.  I mean it obviously isn't going to happen this year, I haven't bought a pumpkin yet, I'll be damned if I will 5 days before Halloween; but I'm definitely filing this one away under "Must Do When I Hit Martha Stewart Homemaker Status."

The black and white polka dot and striped pumpkins are so adorable!

All of the buttons on our remote are working...except for the GUIDE button!  I've still been able to record my shows via the keyboard search button, but you wouldn't believe how much CAhusband and I have been able to bitch about this. 
We're pathetic and are in need of a TV intervention!

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We had wonderful weather this past week... it rained, it was in the mid-70's, there was no insane heat or sun!  What can I say, even with rain, the variety was nice!

Here are last week's outfits:
(I promise this won't be my only post this week)

Ralph Lauren pink and white striped button-up, Polo Outlet (circa 2006?)
Denim Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)

Printed Halter Top, Ann Taylor Loft (Summer 2010)
Navy Cotton Everyday Cardi, J.Crew (Winter 2010)
Khaki Pants, GAP (circa 2007?)

White Ruffle Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft (Fall 2010)
Blue Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Grey Skimmer Pant, J.Crew (Spring 2010)

Ivory Ruffle Tank, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Pale Pink Cotton Ruffle Cardi, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Tan Patent Leather Belt, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Skimmer Pants, J.Crew (Spring 2010)

Chambray Belted Tunic, J.Crew (Summer 2010)
Toothpick Denim, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
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Here are last week's outfits!  I accidentally forgot to photograph Monday's outfit (it was boring anyway), and Friday required me to wear a school spirit t-shirt, so this week is a little short!

Also, there are no full length mirrors in our new house, so these pics are a little bleh.  I'm hoping to remedy this situation soon!

Floral Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
Skimmer Pants, J.Crew (Spring 2010)

Black Ruffle Dress, The Limited (Fall 2008)

Grey Ruffle Top, J.Crew (Summer 2009)
Light Aqua Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Skimmer Pants, J.Crew (Spring 2010)

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Things I'm Loving

Here are some fall items I've got my eye on...

Shearling Slipper, J.Crew $60.00
I have worn J.Crew slippers as long as I can remember, and Piper has officially destroyed my most recent pair (as in they're in the trash).  I don't enjoy this new style nearly as much as the last 3 years, but they look super comfy and warm. 

Women's Pleated Pocket Skirt, Lands End Canvas $39.50
I just saw this on Elefantitas Alegres last week, and it's the perfect fall teacher skirt I've been searching for!  I currently have 3 colors in my shopping cart and am simply waiting for a coupon code to pull to trigger. 

I have a few of these and love all of the scents, but my new favorite is Crisp Champagne

I went to try this on this weekend and they were all sold out in my size.  I love the fall color and the fact that I can wear it in warmer temps.  I really love the back detail too!

I don't have any black riding-esque boots, and fell in love with these at BR this weekend.  I love that they're black and brown, and for boots they're extremely reasonably priced.  The one issue is that they're technically rain boots and aren't leather (although they look a lot like it).  I'm not quite sure how I feel about the rain boot factor, but I might stop to try these on sometime soon.

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Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends...

-After moving last weekend, spending the previous weekend in Las Vegas, a visit from my MIL this weekend (starting tomorrow), and still adjusting to a new job (school, grade level) I am absolutely exhausted.  My blogging may be a little sporadic for the next week or so, but please stick with me, I'll be back in full force soon!  Also, I don't want to sound ungrateful, all of these are happy things, they've just made for a busy October so far.

-The biggest sigh of relief I've felt in a long time was when we moved and our entire 98% full DVR was saved on our cable box!  WHEW!  CAhusband and I were both ecstatic to see it was saved, and the cable guy definitely thought we were pathetic.  Please note that we had cable and internet up and running within 4 hours of moving in, but no gas or hot water for 72.  Boy, do we have our priorities straight! 

-It has been over 100 degrees all week and I've officially had enough!  It's nearly Halloween and I simply cannot take it much longer. 

-I almost wish I didn't have my yellow Le Creuset because the new ocean color at Williams Sonoma is gorgeous.  I really want some, but don't really like the idea of mixing colors... hmm?

-We started the week with a half-day on Monday.  We were luckily allowed to leave with the kiddos, but I pray we never start the week with a half-day again.  It mentally sets you up for an easy week, but it isn't!  The rest of the week just seems never ending and dreadful after starting with a half-day. 

-I quit working at J.Crew last week.  Although I hadn't worked there in several weeks, and hadn't worked regularly since last November, it was just wasn't worth it anymore.  I knew they were going to want me most every weekend once season starts here, and I'm just not willing to work retail on the weekends after already putting in 40+ hours during the week at my real job.  Although I know I'll miss the discount, I'm confident I'll still spend less money there now, and I feel a huge sense of relief to not have to worry about it anymore. 

Well I think that was a pretty pointless post, but I felt like I needed to put something out there for you guys!  I'll be back on Monday with some more regular posts. 

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I had a fabulous 4-day work week because I took a play sick day on Monday to spend the day with my BIL and SIL who were visiting.

 Tuesday (blurry much?  JEEZ!)
Striped Cardigan, Anthropologie (Spring 2010)
White tank, Ann Taylor Loft (Summer 2010)
Grey Bermuda Shirts, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Silver Beaded Necklace, J.Crew (Fall 2009)
Even though I can't take a decent picture to save my life, I am in love with this sweater.  I've been stalking it since the day it went online, and was so happy when it finally went on sale in August.  Also, it was like upper 80's all week, so I got to bust out a few lightweight cardis!

 Pink Rosette Tank, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Grey and Pink Striped Cardi, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Denim Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
Such a teacher outfit, oh well!

Blue Ruffle Tunic Tank, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)
Stone Colored Skimmer Pants, J.Crew (Spring, 2010)

White Tuxedo Pleated Blouse, American Eagle (circa 2007??)
Olive Green Bermuda Shorts, J.Crew (spring 2010)
Let's call this the most boring ensemble known to man, because it's Friday and I'm moving tonight.
The funny thing was it was Luau day at school and it completely slipped my mind, talk about the most un-Hawaiian, boring ass outfit imaginable!

This coming weeks outfits may or may not be a little more exciting, depending on how quickly I can get out of my "I moved over the weekend, so I have an excuse to be lazy" state of mind.

Have a great week everyone!

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New House Wishlist

The fact that we start moving tomorrow has me super excited and stressed out.  Due the fact that I'm really trying to de-stress, I'm focusing on the positives right now, and not the massive amounts of packing and moving that lies ahead of me this weekend. 

Here are some things I would love for our new house, and all of the storage and countertop space it has to offer.

 Pear Dishtowel, Crate and Barrel
Just what I need, more dish towels!  Aren't these colors perfect for fall?

The designer of these platters has been a favorite of mine for awhile. 
There's a store in Indianapolis that always carries them,
and I've been eyeing this Halloween one for awhile. 
I think it would be perfect for Halloween cookies!
These go with my everyday dishes, and I've always wanted them but never
had the counter space for them before!  These babies are definitely going on my Christmas list!

Penguin Friends Dessert Plates, West Elm
I think these are adorable for this Christmas!

I have no idea what I'd do with these, but I love all the colors!

Well, that was a pretty random list of wants for our new place... have a great night everyone!

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Sorry last week's outfits are a little late... Vegas, house guests, moving in a week, etc. have definitely taken priority over blogging.  Anyways... here are the outfits from last week:

Floral Top, Anthropologie (Spring 2009)
Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft (Spring 2010)

(Recess Duty and SUPER HOT weather)
Most Comfortable Dress in the World, Ann Taylor Loft (Summer 2010)

Navy Bow Top,  Anthropologie (Summer 2009)
Ivory Linen Pants, Anthropologie (Summer 2009)

Yellow Bow Top, Anthropologie (Spring 2008)
Grey Skimmer Pants, J.Crew (Spring 2010)

Flutter-sleeve t-shirt, J.Crew (Spring 2010)
Toothpick Ankle Jeans, J.Crew (Winter 2010)
Necklace, Anthropologie (Fall 2009)

Hope you're all having a good week so far... hopefully I'll be back with something else soon!

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