Remembering 2010...

Since I love a good list so much, I thought I'd make a list on the things that really stood out to me the most in 2010. 

Here it goes (beware, this is pretty random)...

Scariest Moment of 2010: Getting a root canal... oh my, I absolutely flipped out at the endodontist.  Poor guy, he didn't know what to do with me.

Biggest Project of 2010: Moving into my new classroom and getting everything ready for the first day of school

Favorite Game of 2010:  Mexican Train Dominoes!  My MIL just introduced this game to us over Thanksgiving and we're all in love with it.  We got it for Christmas and have played it for hours already. 

Favorite Song of 2010:  Hmmm, I kind of hate to say it, but OMG by Usher!  I still love this song!!

Favorite Movie of 2010: To be honest I don't see a lot of the Oscar worthy movies, but I guess my favorite might have to be Toy Story 3, The Town, or The Kids Are Alright.  I'm still waiting to see a lot of the big movies from 2010 (Inception, Black Swan, HP7, etc.)!

Favorite Recipes of 2010: These cookies from Iowa Girl Eats (found via In No Simple Language) and this French Style Mac and Cheese

Biggest Change in 2010: Piper... she's psycho, yet lovable, enough said!

Favorite Book I Read in 2010: The Help by Kathryn Stockett (have I said this enough yet?)

Favorite Real TV Show of 2010: I'm so torn, but I've enjoyed Dexter, The Good Wife, and Gossip Girl a lot this year!  You all know this list could easily include 15 different shows though, right?

Favorite Reality TV Show of 2010: Top Chef or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Most Worn Clothing Items in 2010: J.Crew Toothpick Jeans (may they rest in peace), and J.Crew boyfriend v-neck tissue tees (I have at least 10 in different colors and I wear them ALL THE TIME). 

Favorite Hobby in 2010: Blogging
Favorite Getaway of 2010: Anniversary Trip to La Jolla

Favorite Store in 2010: I've probably purchased the most from J.Crew (because I worked there 'til Sept), but I'm so over their stuff lately.  I'd have to say Loft, or Anthropologie I guess?

Best Big Purchase of 2010: Our king size bed and bedroom suite... it's heaven to have a big bed.

Unhealthy Obsession of 2010: Diet Mountain Dew! I have got to start limiting my daily caffeine and aspartame intake, it just can't be healthy!

Hmmm, well I think that's it!  What were some of your favorites in 2010?

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Our Year in Review: 2010

Let me preface this post...
You may not really want to read any of this, and that's fine.  I mainly did this post for myself.  I want to be able to look back on 2010 and see what we did.  This isn't exactly riveting blog material!

2010 was a great year, but I wouldn't exactly call eventful!  In 2009 we got married, moved to CA,  and adjusted to life as newlyweds in a new town.  2010 was a stark contrast because there were no BIG changes, we could just be and it was wonderful. 

We are feeling so much more comfortable with our life in CA these days (which I'm not so should I would have bet you a year ago), and we love our everyday lives at home with the girls.   

We had several visits with family members in 2010, and I'm not going to lie, it's kind of nice to live some place that people want to come visit.  We were also able to celebrate several weddings with close friends and family in 2010, and were able to get in a few great weekend trips here and there.

-We rang in 2010 in Indiana with CAhusband's family by enjoying a relaxing night at home playing games.
-I was deathly ill for my 24th birthday, and didn't get off the couch for 3 straight days. 
-My in-laws came to visit for 5 days, and just happened to be here during our annual rain storm (yup, we usually get 1, and they were here for all 4 days of it).  It was awful luck to visit during this time, but it was nice for them to get to see where we live!

-I started a part-time job at the private school where I now teach.  I stopped subbing for the public schools and started working there half-days doing lots of odd jobs around the school.
-On Feb. 12th we brought Piper home!  We were so excited for Reilly and Piper to meet, and are thrilled we decided to add her to our little family.  She was definitely our biggest change in 2010, and continues to test our patience daily.
-My Papaw and Merry came to visit!  They stayed with my parents, and got to meet Piper and see our apartment.

Oh my gosh, she was so little then! 
How I long for the days when we was too small to jump on everyone and everything!

-My S&BIL, Katie and Jake, met us in Las Vegas where we stayed at the brand new Aria hotel and saw O!  We had a fantastic mini-vacay in Vegas with them, then they drove back with us to CA where they stayed with us for the rest of the week. 
-My sister, Molly, came to town!  We went to a Fashion Week fashion show, and had a great visit!

-Our dear friends Tracey and Dylan came to visit!   They were able to come for a long weekend, so we squeezed in a trip to the Temecula wineries.  It was a fantastic visit, we miss these 2 so much!

-Apparently May was a pretty low-key month for us!  I looked back at my calendar and it was pretty empty.  I can only guess that I spent weekends by the pool and CAhusband spent them on the golf course?
-I was officially offered the 2nd grade teaching job that I  now have.  It was such a relief to know I would have a full-time teaching job again.

-We traveled to Chicago for the Matel/Weller wedding in early June, and it was a fantastic little getaway!  It was so great to see so many of our college friends, and celebrate their big day!  Unfortunately we had our first major airport fiasco on the way home, but it was still a great mini-vacation!


-Over the 4th of July we traveled Big Bear, CA with 5 other couples from CAhusband's office.  It was AMAZING to get out of the heat for the weekend, and we had so much fun getting to know everyone a little better. 
Watching the fireworks by the lake.  We've never been so excited to wear jackets in July!

-We traveled to IN for Katie and Jake's wedding on July 10th.   It was a beautiful wedding, and a fantastic celebration with family and friends. 

-We were lucky enough to have some HS friends getting married in La Jolla over our 1st anniversary weekend!  We enjoyed their wedding on Friday evening, then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the San Diego beach town.  We had an amazing time, and both look forward to going back again soon!

-We celebrated CAhusband's 25th birthday on August 11th with a low-key night at home. 
-My sister Molly and her now fiance, Jonas, came to visit towards to end of August.  We always have so much fun when they come to visit, and were lucky enough to enjoy some of their delicious meals while they were here (they're both chefs). 
-I spent all of my free time working in my classroom at school!

-I started the school year with my second graders and logged a lot of time working on school stuff!
-We realized we had outgrown our apartment, and decided to start looking for a house to rent. 

-We met VABelle and Charlie (my B&SIL) in Las Vegas in early October.  They were there for a wedding, so we enjoyed a weekend at the Venetian and kind of did our own thing, then they came back to CA with us to see the area.   They were only here for about 48 hours, but we loved the opportunity to show them around.

-My moved into our new place on October 8th... this was an amazing change for us in 2010!  We now have so much more space and a yard for the dogs.  This was one of the best decisions we've made this year by far.

-My MIL stumbled upon a medical conference that was at a resort just miles from our house, and it was a perfect coincidence.  She came for the conference, got to meet Piper, see my classroom, see our new house, and visit with us!  It was a short visit, but a great last minute chance to get together.

-CAhusband's grandfather came to visit us in early November!  He stayed at a beautiful resort that we were more than happy to enjoy with him, and we had a fantastic weekend visiting with him and showing him around the desert.

-We traveled back to Indiana for Thanksgiving.  It was great to see so many of our family members in one visit.  We were also lucky enough to see some of our good friends while we were back too! 

-We hosted our first party at our new house.  Boy, was it stressful, but it was also a ton of fun!  Let's just say I learned a lot.
-We enjoyed our first travel-free Christmas in several years, and it was heaven.  We had an amazing Christmas at home and enjoyed some relaxing time with each other and my parents.

Overall 2010 was a fantastic year! 

I know we're definitely excited to see all that 2011 will bring!

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My 2010 Reading List

In the beginning of 2010 I made a goal to read 25 books this year.  I knew it was a lofty goal, and what do you know, I didn't quite make it.  I did read 21 books though, and I know if I count the chapter books I've read at school with my kiddos so far this year, I technically have met my goal.  I'll give myself an A for effort!

Some of my favorite bloggers, Rachel from In No Simple Language, Erin from Blue Eyed Bride, and Mel from For the Love have done a similar post to this, and I figure that since reading is a favorite hobby of mine I should do one too! 

Here are my books from last year...

 thewedding   5thvial ricochet firefly lane help2 timewife heartofthematter2 vision-in-white littlebee swimsuit-by-james-patterson bed_roses 9thjudgement Private savor_moment the-summer-we-read-gatsby ceeceewilkes eatpraylove Kindred_in_Death-50788 hunger_games(4) the-girl-who-played-with-fire neighbor

I doubt you all want to take the time to read a review on all of these books, so here are my hits and misses…

2010 Favorites:

  • Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
    • This story of friendship over time is now an all-time favorite.  I laughed, I cried… I highly recommend it!
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    • I was afraid this book would be sad so I put off reading it for a long time.  I finally caved, and am so glad I did.  This book was amazing, and I think I have recommended it 50 times since I finished it!
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
    • This teen-lit was a real page-turner.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series in 2011!
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson
    • The 2nd book in the series did not disappoint, and had a much faster pace than the first! 

2010 Duds:

  • Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
    • I’m so over Giffin’s tales of adultery, and just wasn’t feeling this book!  I couldn’t relate to the characters at all.
  • Little Bee by Chris Cleave
    • This book seemed like it would be so profound, and well, I just couldn’t get into it.  It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.
  • Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert
    • This was my 2nd go-round with this book, and I finally finished it this time.  Again, I didn’t hate it, but I had a hard time sympathizing with her whining, and it dragged at times.

I’ve already got a huge list of “Must Read” books for 2011, and yes, my goal for 2011 will be 25 books too!  

What were your favorite reads of 2010?  Any recommendations for 2011?


In iPhone Heaven

Big things are happening over here... I finally got the iPhone!!!!

My nearly 3 year-old Blackberry Pearl had been having major issues for months now, and CAhusband had heard me complaining for long enough and finally bought my an iPhone for Christmas.  We went Monday and got it set up, and I am currently in my own little cell phone heaven.

So now what I'd like to know is, what are some of the must have apps that I need for new phone?

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Our Christmas (by the bullets)

I don't know how to turn this into one cohesive post with paragraphs and all, so you're going to get a bulleted, list-like version of our Christmas!  Here it goes...
  • CAhusband got stuck at work on Christmas Eve!  All of the rain we had last week got them behind schedule, and since it wasn't a holiday for his crews, he ended up having to work too.  Luckily, he was able to take yesterday and today off instead, so we've enjoyed relaxing around the house together.
  • On Christmas Eve I made dinner, we made Scotcheroos (CAhusband's favorite that his Grandma always makes at Christmas), and watched Christmas Vacation.  Christmas Vacation is our favorite Christmas movie, and we hadn't watched it this year, so it was a perfect cozy evening at home.

  • On Christmas morning CAhusband and I exchanged our gifts.  We bought bikes for each other, among other surprises, and had a fun morning at home with the dogs!  It was a gorgeous day, so after we got ready we took a bike ride around our neighborhood.
  •  In the afternoon we went and saw Little Fockers with my parents.  CAhusband hasn't always been so keen on the idea of going to a movie on Christmas Day, but with a small bunch (just us and my parents), it's a good excuse to get out of the house.  Despite the horrible reviews this movie has gotten, we all really enjoyed it and got a few good laughs out of it. 
  • After the movie we went back to my parents house for cocktails and appetizers, opening presents, a few rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes, and a fantastic dinner prepared by my mom. 
  • Reilly and Gus (my parent's dog) had a fun time showing Piper how to open presents on her first Christmas!  Their toy basket is now filled to the brim with all kinds of new Christmas toys from my grandma and my parents and they are in heaven.  It's always fun to see how excited the dogs get at Christmas!

We had an absolutely fantastic Christmas and are continuing to enjoy our long weekend together! I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

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