Disappointment After the Final Rose

I was doing so good at avoiding Reality Steve and all other blog spoilers for The Bachelor finale.  Sure, I'd heard rumors, but I chose to ignore them all and be surprised.

I even swore off of Twitter last night, because I knew the east coasters would be discussing who Brad chose.  However, right as I begin to play the finale last night I was so incredibly bummed to stumble across a non-gossip/Bachelor related blog announcing Emily as the winner.

DAMN! I was so mad at myself, but I still watched.
The Bachelor itself was okay and pretty predictable (especially since I knew the ending). I enjoyed watching the Brad's family meeting both of the girls, and Emily's final date made me cringe. It was the After the Final Rose where things really got interesting though!

Here are my overall thoughts on last night:
    *Emily's dress was really surprising to me. I would have never picked this for her
    and thought it aged her a lot.
    *That spiral curl down Chantal's face was making me CRAZY, and I hated that her hanger strap thingy was hanging out. I absolutely loved her earrings though!
*Even though I didn't like Chantal, it was so hard to see Brad send her home. Poor thing really thought she was going to be chosen, then she had that trans-continental flight home from South Africa.
It was painful to watch!
    *Emily's hair looked awesome in the After the Final Rose special. Loved the low-lights on her!
*Did Emily really think Brad would refuse the fantasy suite with the other girls?  Has she ever seen The Bachelor before? I know it must have been hard for her to watch, but come on, she needs to be realistic about the experience she signed up for.

*I haven't read any of the gossip blogs and Brad about where Emily currently stand in their relationship, but the tension on that couch last night was really awkward to watch. If I had to guess I'd say they tried to fake it for the show, but that they are definitely over in real life.
    *Lastly, I am downright mad that Ashley "the dentist" is going to be the next Bachelorette. I couldn't stand her or her voice all season, and will definitely not be watching her season this summer.
What were your thoughts on the finale?

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Virginia Belle said...

I totally agree with you and love this post! I thought both of the final dates were incredibly awkward. During Chantal's date you could tell Brad had already made his decision. He barely touched her!

I loved Emily but was really disappointed by her reaction during the proposal. She did not shed a single tear or even seem excited! This really bothered me and made me less surprised by what went down after the rose.

As for the Bachelorette, I did not like Ashley at all so I have no interest in watching it. I wish Chantal were the new Bachelorette. I think she would be great on the show and is much more likable!

Erin {HuddyP} said...

I couldn't agree (with everything) more. Brad and "Em" have z-e-r-o chemistry. I will not be holding my breath for the wedding broadcast. And I just gagged when I was reminded of her dress. Complete Golden Girl. And no, it didn't add "sass" b/c it was see-through from the thighs down. Tragic.

the queen said...

I too was wondering if they were faking it last night! Brad really seems into Emily but Emily just seems over it.

Christa said...

I was really happy Brad picked Emily but I do not see it working. She doesn't seem to into him. I LOVED her low-lights....soo pretty!

Elizabeth said...

I so wish I would have kept up with the show. :( Bummer. Maybe next time! :) Happy Tuesday!

Natalie said...

Its like you read my mind. Emily's hair looked so much better in the After Show. But I don't see her and Brad lasting. She was very awkward about moving and getting married. I am pissed Ashley is the next Bachelorette. Her voice is so annoying and so is she. I would have rathered Chantel and that is saying alot because she annoyed me too.
oh hated Emily's dress too- looked like something a 50 year old would wear to her second wedding.

According to Ashley said...

AGREED (on most everything)! Emily's dress was so un-sexy. I totally caught Chantal's strap hanging out, too! I loved Emily's new hair. I couldn't believe how awkward they were together after the final rose. I'm not sure what exactly she thought was going to happen after they got engaged......Like, why are they just now discussing the possibility of her moving to Austin? That should've already been settled, ya know? I think they are both so adorable and I really wanted things to work out for them, but now I feel really weird about it. I totally see the stubborn side in both of them and on the show they had 2-3 little "incidents" where there was miscommunication and things just went bad quickly. Sigh.

Jessica said...

I completely agree with you on all your points. I was not a fan at all of Emily's dress. I was actually surprised she wore it. Considering many pictures of her in that dress will be printed I would have thought she went with something else. And poor Chantal, I always feel so bad for them when they have to fly home after being rejected like that and especially since it would be such a long flight from South Africa. I don't think it will work out which is too bad but there was a weird vibe between them on the couch.

Ashley said...

Oh I agree with everything you said!
I kept wanting the producers to tuck in her hanger strap!!! (and yes her earrings were awesome!) Emily really turned me off when Brad was professing his love (w/out directly saying I love you) about wanting to be a great father and blah blah blah. She was so snarky!! Emily is only 24 and Brad is 38, her jealousy is not cute esp because like you said, she knew what she signed up for. I was also really excited to see Trista and Ryan! :)
Lastly, yes I refuse to watch the Bachelorette, I was NOT an Ashley fan. I would of loved to see Michelle (yes, the crazy one) as the next bachlorette. Seriously, imagine her commentary!! THAT would be awesome reality tv!

:) I just had to add my 2cents!

Kristin said...

I agree that Ashley is pretty annoying, but I doubt I will really be able to stay away from watching. Im too hooked with the show. I hope Brad and Emily figure things out, but most people forget they only have 6 weeks and thats crazy fast!

Liz said...

TOTALLY agree with everything you said here! And yes, Chantal's strappy thing literally was driving me nuts!! haha