Five Friday Faves

I've decided to start a new little Friday segment here on CAwife, compiled of
5 of my current favorite things! 
Feel free to steal the icon at the top and play along if you'd like.

Bethenny Ever After
I absolutely love Bethenny and her show!  She's funny and honest, and I just love to watch the happenings of her life.  I'm so glad her show is back, and will be an avid watcher this season. 

Rolling in the Deep by Adele
My iTunes has been having issues forever so I haven't been able to buy Adele's new album yet, but I play this video on YouTube at least a few times a day. I even stopped fast forwarding during commercials to listen to this song on the I Am Number Four trailer!  That's love people!

Emily on The Bachelor
If absolutely gorgeous, Disney-princess-like Emily doesn't win The Bachelor I think I might cry.  Not only is she beautiful, but she's extremely kind and has always kept it classy on the show.  I love, love, love her!

Our Weather
I will likely be obnoxious about our gorgeous weather for the next month or so, and I promise it's not to rub it in.  It will simply get unbearably hot pretty soon, so I'm trying to soak it all up while I can! 

Summer in 57 DAYS!
My official summer countdown has finally hit a reasonable number... WOOHOO!!!  Anything less than 60 seems manageable at this point. 

Lastly, don't forget to enter for your chance to win an adorable Pecan Pie Puppies collar for your pup!  The giveaway ends tonight at 5 p.m. Pacific Time!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Chelsea said...

Lucky! My 10 day forecast is not that promising.

melissa said...

That weather is PERFECT! We've been having that kind of weather until this week and it started raining and getting "chilly" - 70s during the day, high 40s at night. I'm looking forward to the return of the 80s. Hope you enjoy your beautiful weekend!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the idea of friday faves! and, i like emily also, cant wait for the finale on monday! and YEAH for summer being 57 days away! Mine is 58 days away!!!

Lori said...

Just managed to DL Adele's CD last night off of itunes. My itunes has been crap recently too. However, her CD is awesome. AWESOME.

I love Bethenny too! Love her show and her sassy spunk :)

Mel said...

I'm very jealous of your weather. I just posted how giddy I am today because it's sunny and 44. Sigh...

And can I say ADDICTED to Bethenny?!

A Wedding Story said...

I just love Emily...I want to be her friend!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love your summer count down calendar! And feel free to brag about the weather- I'm jealous :)

Brianna R. said...

Love Bethany, adooore Emily.
Where in Cali are you living? I was born there are have lots of family in the Pasadena and Claremont area :) I miss it!

Elizabeth said...

I am so jealous of the weather out there in California! Tennessee weather is still so chilly. Luckily, this weekend's supposed to be nice! :) Have a great weekend, and oh yes...I linked up!


Lauren said...

I love all 5 of those too! I love Bethenny! She is hilarious! And I love your weather too...ours is a roller-coaster. 60 one day, snow the next! I can't wait for consistent warmer weather! PS I hope I win your giveaway for my toy poodle! :)

mrsashcake said...

we're in california but our forecast isn't that great right now! enjoy it! :)

Kristin said...

I cant wait for the finale on Monday!!

Rachel said...

Summer is getting close!!! I can't wait to be done with this year.

Also...love Bethenny and Adele :)

MJ said...

I love this idea!! I'll be posting Friday. And now I'm off to count my own countdown til summer :)