Teacher Week: Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Today is the day that we each showcase our classrooms, which is by far my favorite day of Teacher Week!  I love to check out other classrooms, it's amazing how many wonderful ideas you can find!

We don't start school until next Monday, so my room isn't really finished yet, but it's close enough to share.
My room was just painted on Monday, my permanent teacher desk and media cart for my ELMO aren't in yet, and my Smart Board isn't completely installed.... so it's looking like it won't really be officially ready until much closer to Monday than I'd hoped.  There are still some sparse walls too, but I'm not going to worry about that now... they'll be full of student work and anchor charts in no time! 

First, I want to share a link to my classroom last year.  I absolutely loved how I organized the space, it was a pretty perfect classroom all around. 
Now for this year, be aware.... you are entering a very small classroom for a very small class!  Being that we're a new private school in a tough private school market, my whole class size is similar in size to centers groups in my first classroom.  It will be a growing year, and I'm just fine with that.  I'm just so thankful to still have a job, and am looking forward to being able to accomplish so much with my kiddos!  They are a great group, and I think we'll have so much fun together.

Let's begin our tour (please remember it's not finished)...

I stuck with my dog theme again this year. All of the materials I had held up really well and I liked it so much that I figured there was no point in starting all over again.

  • This is the front wall.  The Smart Board should be finished tomorrow, and I will then have a cart on wheels with my ELMO up here too. 
  • The bulletin board is for calendar, and our TOP DOG of the week. 
  • The storage shelf below is for pencils (sharp and dull containers), turning in work, and other odds and ends.
  • This bulletin board will house our seasonal work.  Our project that we complete on the first day of school will go on this board until October when I will switch it over to Fall/Halloween. 
  • The tall bookshelf houses small sets of books for reading groups, some centers materials, and learning games.
  • The short bookshelves holds extra textbooks, dictionaries, and puzzles and board games for inside recess. 
  • The drawers on top hold additional student supplies (erasers, rulers, glue sticks, etc) that the students can access as needed.
  • My behavior chart on the side is one of me favorite classroom discoveries.  I used it last year, and it was just perfect.  Let me know if you have any questions about my behavior plan or how I use this and I'll be happy to explain it to you.
  • I will use Beth Newingham's Common Themes in Fiction posters again this year, and really love them.  As we read various picture books throughout the year I print off a color copy of the cover, and we add it to the board with the theme it fits best. We then compare books throughout the year with common themes.  Once these posters fill up with book covers it looks really great! 
  • These cabinets are pretty jammed full of supplies, and I'm going to try as hard as I can to keep the counter clean.  The binders house my various reading and math units, and I will keep my teachers guides here as well.
  • These drawers are how I sort my work for the week.  Once I make my copies for the week, I add it to the drawer for the day it will be used. Very simple, and effective!
  • This is my classroom library.  I have all picture books and readers sorted by AR level.  My chapter books in a series are all kept together, but the bin label also notes to overall AR level span for that series.  
  • The small red bookshelf on the far right holds seasonal books.  I will add the books for the current theme or season in the top, then out of season books are kept on the bottom.  I currently have "Back to School" themed books on top, but will change them to fall books in a few weeks. 
I think that's pretty much it for now.  It's a cozy and colorful space, and I think it's going to be just great for my incoming class of second graders.  I might add some more pictures next week once it's completely finished, but wanted to share as much as I could today in honor of Teacher Week!

Now I'm off to check out all of the other posts, maybe I'll get some more last minute ideas!

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Rachel said...

Wow, it looks great! You are so much more organized than me. I love your idea for making a poster with pictures of book covers. I'm not teaching reading this year, but I'm hanging on to that idea!

PS...you know I love the dog theme ;)

Virginia Belle said...

It looks fantastic! I knew you were a very organized person, but I am completely amazed by how organized you classroom is. I hope you have a great school year!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Everything looks great!! Love how organized and clean everything is :) Do you really have 6 students?? Just guessing from the number of clips...what an exciting group to teach!!

Jared and Kim said...

First of all, I'm really mad I missed this Teacher week thing-amazing! Your classroom looks phenomenal!! I'm a Special Education teacher, middle school level, but I have students with intellectual disabilities, so while they are 6-8th grade kiddos, our academic work ranges from K-4. I am would LOVE to know more about your behavior system. I used the Green/Yellow/Red system last year and struggled a lot because my perspective of whats allowed differed from the 2 paraeducators and interpreter I had in the classroom. You can imagine how that can be a little frustrating. Please share!! :) Love your room!!

Lovely Little Nest said...

What a cute room! I am a Kindergarte teacher and I would love to hear about your behavior plan! My e-mail is: lovelylittlenest@yahoo.com if you wouldn't mind sharing :)