Odds and Ends

There are lots of odds and ends I've been wanting to share with you guys, but they're a little too random to deserve their own post.  So, here's what I've been up to...
  • I kind of took a break from blogging last week after being away, so I didn't have a chance to fill you all in on my (already old news) Missoni for Target finds!  I couldn't go until after school last Tuesday, and didn't get there until after 4.  The only thing I really wanted to find were the flats, but I was certain they would be gone.  Lucky me, despite nearly every rack of Missoni being wiped clean, I snagged the very last pair of flats... in my size!  It was fate!  They're so cute, and will be perfect with jeans and a black top this fall.  I also managed to snag the very last candle and some headbands. 
  • Although I was instantly in love with the idea of getting an Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner, I held off because last year we had to do our lesson plans on Excel and I assumed I would have to this year too.  Well, one week in, nothing had been said about it, and I hated doing them on the computer, so I ordered my lesson planner.  I absolutely love it, and have gotten so many compliments on it since I started using it last week.  It came with all of the same goodies that the Life Planner did (calendar stickers, a pocket, and customized labels) and actually makes me look forward to lesson planning.  If you're a teacher, I definitely suggest you look into it, this planner is the best!
  • Friday afternoon our mailbox was packed full of new fall magazines.  I spent my Saturday morning reading them all, and am completely ready for fall now!  They were full of loads of great decor ideas and delicious recipes.  We're going to change our house from summer to fall next weekend (despite the still 100+ temps), and I can't wait. 
  • This weekend we booked our Thanksgiving flights home to Indiana and ordered our Christmas cards. I'm loving how accomplished I feel.  Don't think I'm crazy about the Christmas cards though, I simply wanted to take advantage of Erin Condren's 25% off Holiday Cards while it lasted.  Thank goodness Erin is allowing us  to order now and add our photo later because I have no acceptable pictures at this point.  Taking an acceptable Christmas card pic to go along with my pretty cards is next on my to-do list. 

  • Both of my football teams are sucking big time this year, and although I hate to be a bandwagon fan, I really don't enjoy watching my teams get their butts kicked every weekend. This, along with the fact that we hardly get any of the games for our Indiana teams out here, has made this football season pretty pathetic for us so far.

Alright, well that was random, but I think I covered everything I've wanted to!  I hope you're all having a great day so far!
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Katie said...

Those flats are super cute! The hubs works for Target, so he snagged a free Missoni bag for me.. its been the talk of the office. I think people in Minneapolis are a bit crazy for Missoni right now.. rightfully so!


Virginia Belle said...

You know I love those Reeses Cookies! They are definitely the ultimate cookie.

You are so ahead of the game, I can't wait to check out Erin Condren's Christmas cards too!

kourtney said...

Yay! Thanks for posting the cookie recipe, I guess I missed it in my Real Simple [I pass them off to my mom after I read]. I have a wknd snack to make now!
Love the flats! Lucky!! That's the only Missoni item I wanted. They only had child sizes when I went looking for them, I tried to cram my foot into them and it was not working.

Kristin said...

you scored at target!!

Colleen Sullivan @ Meet the Sullivans www.colleenandkeith.blogspot.com said...

I love the Erin Condren teacher's lesson planner! I would definitely buy one if I were going to continue to teach after having my baby in Jan. It is sooo cute! Love Erin.