Kids = Germs

So, CAhusband has a small issue with children and their cleanliness. 

A few summers ago I nannied for a little 2 year old boy for the summer.  One day I invited CAhusband over to eat lunch with us.  He had lunch free, and agreed to come over, but clearly stated....

"I'm not going to eat lunch where a baby lives,
there are germs everywhere."

Okay, great!  I laughed and rolled my eyes, but he was serious.  He came by, but he DID.NOT.EAT.

After this, I suppose our conversation from this evening shouldn't really surprise me.

ME: Hey, look what I have for you?

CAhusband:  Nope, already saw it, no thank you.

ME: What I swear, no kids even touched it.  Please eat it, they turned out so cute.

CAhusband:  No, are you kidding? They probably put their hands in the candy corn bag or something and got their germs all over it.

ME:  No, I swear they didn't.  I made yours as my example, no second grade hands touched your cupcake. AT ALL!  I sorted each of their supplies on to their individual plates, I swear, they didn't even come close.

CAhusband: Nope, they pick their noses, and cough in that room all day long.  I am not eating that cupcake. 

ME: Come on!

CAhusband:  Actually, there are so many germs in your classroom that I should probably insist that you shower the second you walk in the door each night.

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Virginia Belle said...

I love this! Nick sounds a lot like someone else I know in this story. Charlie can be pretty picky about stuff like this too.

Your cupcake is too cute by the way, such a great idea!

Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

Haha! That's funny!

Alyssa said...

HAHA I am dying laughing. He has a point...its true! I have gotten sick 500 times from my step children. It's just part of it!

MIL said...

I have read this blog entry several times. It is spot on and makes me laugh each time I read it!

kourtney said...

Hahaha! Nick is so funny! This sounds like a TV episode! Can't wait to find out how he'll react to a baby once you guys have one!!

Tracey said...

This conversation makes me miss both of you so much! So funny. Can't wait to see you in one week!

Rachel said...

This whole post is making me laugh! Our husbands have such a funny idea of children and school!

Deirdre said...

That is so funny I can't even stand it... he cracks me up! He'll make himself crazy when you guys have kids! We'll probably have to put on hazmat suits before we come in the house!