Scenes from Our Weekend!

It was a glorious long weekend here in the desert!  CAhusband and I both had Friday off of work in honor of Veteran's Day, and it was wonderful to have a short week at work and a long weekend together! 

I normally do an absolutely horrible job of taking photos, but this weekend I tried really hard to capture what we were up to with my trusty iPhone! 

Friday we attended the wedding for our friends who we've met through CAhusband's work.  I always love an opportunity to get dressed up and do something fun with friends, and we had a great time.  This was the first wedding we've been to in awhile that didn't require us to travel, so that was an extra bonus!

It was rainy and cold on Saturday, and while CAhusband went golfing with some co-workers I got to work organizing my closet.  I finally traded out my summer clothes for my winter clothes, and got everything in order the way I like it.  It's perfect for now, but I'm not looking forward to picking up my dry-cleaning or finishing my laundry because I'll have to re-organize it a bit again. 

Once CAhusband got home from golf we had a relaxing afternoon on the couch watching football.  Piper loves to snuggle with her dad!

Saturday night we decided to head out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and it was so chilly and rainy I got to bust out my favorite chunky cardigan and boots!  Yes, this monumental occasion deserves a photo, I was thrilled to be able to bundle up!

Sunday we did some major cleaning and organizing around the house!  Piper and Reilly even managed to get lint-rolled in the process as a joke, and I was shocked by the amount of hair we were able to get off of them.  Their hair is literally everywhere in our house, so it can't hurt!   

Sunday evening our friends Brooke and Alan came over to hang out and watch football.  CAhusband made these jalapeno poppers in a crescent roll that I found on Pinterest.  Although we both loved the idea of them, they were only okay. 

We also made our favorite fondue, that we've been craving forever!  It is seriously the yummiest snack ever, and is always a big hit with guests.

Brooke and Alan brought over their adorable little dog and all of the dogs played like crazy.  It was great to catch up, and Brooke even helped us take a Christmas card photo, which was no easy task!

Here's the fondue recipe:

1 c. White Wine
7 oz. Gruyere Cheese, shredded
7 oz. Emmentaler Cheese, shredded
7 oz. Sharp Cheddar, shredded
1 T flour
1 clove garlic
  • In a saucepan, bring white wine to a boil
  • In a mixing bowl, combine all three cheeses and toss with flour
  • Once wine is boiling, slowly add the cheese, stirring constantly
  • Rub the bottom on your warm fondue pot the the cut side of garlic
  • Transfer melted cheese into the fondue pot to keep warm
Our favorite dippers for this fondue are:
cubed french bread
green apples
little smokies
green peppers

We had a wonderful long weekend, and now I'm just trying to brace myself for the long week ahead! 
Only 6.5 more work days 'til Thanksgiving break, YAY!

Did you have a long weekend in honor of Veteran's Day?  What were you up to?

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kourtney said...

I just picked up my winter clothes from my parents [where most of our crap is currently stored] & on my To-Do list is switching out summer to winter & organizing my closet! I'm dreading it!
Haha lint rolling the dogs! L & R are short hair, but the hair is EVERYWHERE you look! Even brushing them once a week doesn't help, aren't they supposed to keep their hair for winter?!
What a fun weekend you had! The fondue sounds super yummy, I might try that out over Thanksgiving weekend! Are you all heading to IN or TN for the holiday?!

Christine said...

Yumm!! That fondue looks amazing!!! and I love your chunky cardigan!

Natalie said...

Your closet is so organzied, I really need to work on mine. Those poppers look amazing. Would you believe I have never made fondue? Saving that recipe to make soon!

Rachel said...

I feel ya on the dog hair....story of my life!

Love your chunky sweater you wore out to dinner!

Alyssa said...

Oh wow - your closet! Be still my OCD heart. This has totally motivated me to both organize my closet and break out my fondue set.

Virginia Belle said...

I haven't made the fondue in ages but after seeing this post I think it's time to bust out our pot! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend. My favorite weekends are the one's where you are productive but also squeeze in some fun with friends and you definitely did both!

Kristin said...

that fondue looks amazing!

Ryan K said...

That food looks so good! :) Thanks for the recipe!

Deirdre said...

Hahaha, love the look on Piper's face while getting the lint roller treatment - priceless!