This November

November happens to be one of my favorites months of the year.  I love the cooler temps, the festive start to the holiday season, and the fact that we'll get to see so many of our favorite people in just a few short weeks.  I still don't quite understand how we got here so quickly, but I'm happy it's here nonetheless.

This November I/we will ...
  • Enjoy 2 abbreviated weeks at school!  Definitely a major highlight of the month.
  • Celebrate our friends' wedding on 11/11/11!
  • Wrap up the first quarter of the school year!  This means report cards and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Try to find a new pair of brown boots that don't cost a small fortune (way easier said than done).
  • Go see Breaking Dawn Part 1. Back off Twilight haters, I've followed the series this far and am definitely going to finish it.
  • Teach my Thanksgiving unit at school.... it's one of my favorites!
  • Go see The Muppet's Movie!  My husband is completely opposed to this, which I don't understand at all!
  • Travel to Indiana for Thanksgiving where we will get to see both of our families.  This is the highlight of my month, and I'm already counting the days!
  • Finish my book, American Wife.  It's so good, but so long!
  • Do a little Black Friday shopping!  Even though we do have good shopping here, I always look forward to the chance to shop at my favorite mall in Indianapolis over Thanksgiving!
  • Try to get a head start on my Christmas shopping!
  • Attempt to start a few Christmas crafts I have planned.
  • Finish my Christmas cards!  They're ordered, but still need a photo.
What are you up to this November?

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Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

I actually went to college in Indianapolis (at Butler)...which mall is your favorite? I love the one downtown but I also love Keystone for all the designer stores!

kourtney said...

I miss going to Indiana [Yorktown/Muncie] for Thanksgiving. It's been years since we've celebrated a holiday with everyone up there. I'll be jealous of your IN family time & I'm sure some PK Pizza time!!/
I'm searching for new brown boots too. No luck at Steve Madden, I'll keep looking :(

Natalie said...

I love November too! I seriously need to start Christmas shopping I have so many people to shop for!

Mel said...

I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn!

Virginia Belle said...

You have a date for both Breaking Dawn and The Muppets in me! We should make a whole day of it :)

I'm also searching for affordable brown boots with little luck. I'm starting to think I should wait until Christmas and ask for a pair I really want!

Can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!

melissa said...

That sounds like a great month! The highlight of my November will be Thanksgiving with family, too. I'm looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen while the grandparents love on little B. And maybe even a mani-pedi while I have so many babysitters at my disposal. :)

I'll probably have to wait for Breaking Dawn to go to video - we can't get to movies too easily these days.

Tiffany said...

I love this! It's so nice to break up goals into months instead of an entire year. Keeps me focused! And I'm SO with you...can't wait for breaking dawn!

Rachel said...

Gosh, I am behind in my blog reading!

I am also so pumped for The Muppets Movie!