A Visit from C & C: Temecula

CAhusband's brother and his wife Christina (VAbelle) came to visit us recently, and I can't even express what a wonderful time we had spending the long weekend with them.  We have such a great time everytime we're together, and we feel really blessed to have family that we also consider to be great friends.

Their visit was mainly focused around Stagecoach, but we also squeezed in a day trip to Temecula for a little wine tasting!  To avoid major picture overload, this post will just focus on our Temecula trip!

CAhusband and I decided to take the Friday off of work, which made for a perfect day to head to Temecula.  We had perfect weather and had an all around wonderful day together. 

Our first stop of the day was at Callaway Winery.  Although we'd had a great experience there one prior time, it definitely wasn't a highlight of our trip.  The scenery is beautiful though, which allowed for some great pictures.

Christina and I at Callaway Winery

Brothers at Callaway Winery

Next we headed to South Coast Winery.  We'd never been to South Coast before and were all extremely impressed.  They were VERY generous with their pours and gave several extra tastings.  We loved so many of their wines, and will definitely be visiting this new favorite again!

After South Coast we headed to Ponte for lunch.  This is our favorite lunch spot in Temecula and never disappoints.  Although we never manage to do a wine tasting here, we love the beautiful scenery and yummy food!

The gardens at Ponte

The restaurant at Ponte

Charlie and Christina at Ponte

CAhusband and I at Ponte

After leaving Ponte we headed to Leonesse Cellars, which was our last stop for the day.  We decided to just split a bottle and enjoy the scenery outside rather than doing a tasting, and it was the perfect way to finish our day.

Leonesse Cellars

Sharing some wine at the picnic tables!

Charlie and Christina at Leonesse

Temecula is always one of our favorite places to take visitors, and it definitely didn't disappoint during our most recent visit!

Next up... Stagecoach!

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Erica Elia said...

Looks like a great time! Erica

Mrs. Bear said...

GORGEOUS vineyard!!! Looks like a wonderful day! Love your shirt - where is it from?

Virginia Belle said...

Can we go back to this day please? We had so much fun with you and Nick! You got some great pictures and thanks again for planning such a fantastic wine tour. Your huge and beautiful California wineries definitely put our Virginia one's to shame!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Great pics! We went to Temecula a couple of months ago and visited many of the same places.

Deirdre said...

Oh how I miss that... beautiful scenery, weather and wine... perfect! Great pictures :)