My Summer Bucket List

The 12 weeks that I have off of work for my summer vacation are some of the most precious weeks you can imagine.  During this time I want to relax, take naps, and do as many fun things as possible, but I also want to be productive.  I always operate best with a list, so here it goes...

-Get a new computer and transfer all of our files, songs, and pictures.
-Catch up on all of my doctors appointments and the dogs vet appointments.
-Travel to Indiana for Tracey's wedding!
-Travel to Roanoke, VA to visit with my parents!
-Travel to DC to visit VABelle and Charlie!  (all 3 of these will happen within one big trip)
-Move classrooms.  I'm just going right across the hall, so this shouldn't be too difficult.
-Travel to San Diego to be with CAhusband for our 3rd anniversary.
-Go to a Padres game.
-Take CAhusband to the San Diego Zoo.
-Read at least 10 books.
-Watch the London Olympics like it's my job!
-Deep clean the ENTIRE house.
-Plan a long weekend to LA, possibly for CAhusband's 27th birthday.
-Keep blogging and try to write at least 3 times a week.
-Go to the gym Monday-Friday, NO EXCUSES!
-Host a pool party/BBQ with our friends.
-Train Piper so that she can be left out of her kennel for a full day when I go back to work in Sept.
-Plan our trip to Florida over Labor Day weekend for a wedding that CAhusband is in.
-Try at least one new recipe a week.
-Spend some significant time reading about how to use and take good pictures our DSLR camera. 
-Re-organize my science and social studies units for next year.
-Create a yearlong writing curriculum.  I struggle with this every year!
-See some great summer movies! Rock of Ages and The Dark Knight Rises are at the top of my list. 
-Make this crayon wreath for my classroom door next year.
-Order a sectional and area rug for our living room.

Well, there you have it!  It looks like I should be able to keep pretty busy.  Hopefully my summer will be full of productive days and relaxing nights! 

What's on your list this summer?

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Deirdre said...

Can't wait to see those movies too!!! Sounds like a productive summer - fun!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you're going to have a busy summer! i need to do that catching up on vet and doctor appts too. blah.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You have some fun traveling! You will be SO close to us for some of it! ;) I would love to know how to use our camera better too! I hope you have a what feels like a super long summer!

Tori said...

I'm so glad you're back! Love reading your blog!!


Kristin said...

sounds like a fun summer traveling!