February Photo A Day

February Photo A Day was such a fun little challenge!  I didn't quite make it through all 29 days, but 20 out of 29 isn't too bad!  My photos definitely aren't all that interesting, so I definitely hope to be a little more creative with the themes next month!

Day 1: Your View Today
Relaxing after work with a stack of catalogs and the iPad.

Day 2: Words
I lead some theater classes at school, and was assigning roles for the first grade play after work.

Day 3: 10 AM
Making coleslaw for our Super Bowl party.

Day 4: Dinner
Yup, I ate Shredded Wheat for dinner.  This happens multiple times a week!

Day 7: Buttons
My drawer full of spare buttons.

Day 8: Sun
I got home just in time to catch the last glimpse of sun before it went down behind the mountains.

Day 11: Makes You Happy
This would be Piper sitting ON TOP of Reilly.  Can you tell that Reilly's not amused? 

Day 12: Inside Your Closet
My sweaters in color order.  I clearly own way too many camel and grey sweaters!

Day 14: Heart
Heart overload at the Valentine's Day party for my second graders!

Day 15: Phone
This would be our home phone, that I don't even know the number to!  We only got it because it made our cable bill cheaper, but it still seems like a waste.

Day 16: Something New
I ordered this top with my Anthro birthday discount, and it finally arrived after being backordered. 
I can't wait to wear it soon once its super warm!

Day 17: Time
These little signs around my classroom clock are the best for telling-time-challenged second graders!

Day 18: Drink
Our friends had a little beer pong tournament at their house after a cookout.  I didn't play, but you can be sure that CAhusband did!

Day 19: Something You Hate to Do
Cleaning and organizing a very disorganized refrigerator.  I still can't believe I let it get this bad.

Day 20: Handwriting
To-do list for my Monday off of work for President's Day. 

Day 23: Shoes
My Thursday routine consists of coming home from work and changing into my workout clothes before walking the dogs and then heading to spin.  This was the day my dogs nearly killed me on our walk!

Day 25: Green
I'm loving all of the citrus trees that are in bloom in the desert right now!

Day 27: Something You Ate
This was the first time I tried Peach Chobani, and I think I may have a new favorite.  YUM!

Day 28: Money
After learning how to count coins earlier in the year, we're now counting both dollar bills and coins.  Unfortunately, I'm definitely not a fan of teaching money. 

Day 29: Something You're Listening To
I may be a little late to the game, but I'm loving The Civil Wars.

I'm so glad that I tried this great challenge.  I can't wait to do it again in March, and maybe actually take photos for all 31 days!

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2012 Oscar Recap

I typically enjoy all award shows, but I truly enjoyed watching The Oscars last night!  Sure, there were plenty of awards I didn't really give a hoot about, but I thought the whole show was very well done and I loved Bill Crystal as the host!

Here are some of my thoughts from last night's show...
  • Octavia Spencer's win for best supporting actress brought tears to my eyes.  I love her, and her win was extremely well deserved.  She also looked beautiful!
  • The Cirque de Solieil performance was wonderful, I love everything they do!
  • I'm so mad at myself for not seeing Hugo!  I've already got it on my Netflix queue, and can't wait to watch it once it's released soon.
  • I still have ZERO desire to see The Artist, and am a little annoyed it won!
Now, onto the fashions!  Here are my picks for best dressed:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford
I love that this looked great with and without the cape.  Gwennie can do no wrong in my book!

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
I thought this looked red originally, but it definitely reads coral in the photos online.  She looks absolutely stunning in this dress, flawless!

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab
This was the first dress I saw on the red carpet, and I instantly declared her as best dressed.  Very glam!

Giuliana Rancic in Basil Soda
This isn't usually the type of dress that I like, but somehow I am loving it on her!  This look is very different from what we usually see on Giuliana, she looks so beautiful!

Did you enjoy the Oscars last night?  Who were your best dressed nominees?

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Five Friday Faves

Wow, I haven't written a Five Friday Favorites post since November.  Honestly, it isn't because I haven't had favorite things to share, but my Thursday nights usually go way too quickly, and I get stuck at only three things and just decide not to post.

Anywho, here are 5 of my favorite things this week...
1. Mohua Sauvignon Blanc
All of the teachers head to our local wine bar after school on Friday.  We're all big Sauvignon Blanc drinkers, and I'm in love with our most recent find.  It's super yummy and very reasonably priced at around $10 a bottle. 

 2. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
I know nothing about this band, but I am totally in love with this song. I heard it on the radio this week and now I can't get enough of it! 

3. Bethenny Getting Married is Back on Bravo
Every once in awhile I get a bit annoyed with Bethenny, but she truly cracks me up.  I'm so happy her show is back, and I plan to thoroughly enjoy ever episode given that it will be the last season.  Do you guys think her talk show will be any good?  Ellen Degeneres is producing it, so I suppose there's hope that it won't flop!

I got this super sized sample from Sephora last week, and am currently wishing I hadn't just bought new foundation less than 2 weeks ago!  It has the best finish, and lasted perfectly through the night.  They say it's a tinted moisturizer, but it offers much better coverage than any other tinted moisturizers I've used.  I will definitely be purchasing this in its full size once my sample runs out!

5. Oscar Sunday
If you've read this blog long, you know that I love a good awards show!  I love the fashion, and this year I actually saw quite a few of the nominated films.  Overall, I'm pulling for The Help, because it was truly my favorite movie of the year.  I also really like Descendents, and will be pulling for George Clooney in his category.  Will you watch the Oscars this weekend?  Which films are you pulling for?

It feels so good to write a Five Friday Favorites post again!  Who knows, maybe I'll even do it again next Friday?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
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Spring Shopping for Teacher Clothes!

One thing you have to be very careful with when you're a teacher, is making sure you don't fall into the trap of wearing "teacher clothes."  My goal is to make sure I never spend too much money on work clothes, so I love finding clothes for work that I can also wear outside of school.  I remember once I wore a somewhat "teachery" dress out to dinner, and CAhusband actually brought it to my attention.  I nearly died, and have vowed to make sure that I don't fall into the same trap that MANY other teachers do.  I am determined to never be the teacher with holiday themed sweaters!

Anyway, I am loving all of Lofts new arrivals for spring!  I think that all of my picks are teacher appropriate, while also being cute enough to wear out to dinner that night... who knows, some of these might even make it into my weekend wardrobe!

I love this bright pop of color, and am always a sucker for pleats! 

I love this yellow dress, and think it's even better with this adorable navy and white belt. 
These are two pieces that are on my MUST buy list!

I'm a big fan of stripes, and think this dress would be perfect for February and March when we're experiencing some milder temperatures.

Okay, to be honest I really want this top to wear with shorts all spring because I LOVE the color, but it would look great with a pair of ivory pants I have for work too!  I thjnk it would also look great on Fridays with white jeans!
This striped skirt reminds me so much of a J.Crew skirt from a few years ago that I loved but never got.  I think this skirt would be perfect with a bright yellow or poppy colored silk shell tucked in. 

I'm a huge sucker for a grey stripe, and I think this light summer-weight sweater would be perfect with some of my ivory work pants for spring!  Throw in a metallic sandal and some great jewelry and this would be a super cute teacher outfit.

Overall, I am loving all of the bright colors and stripes that Loft is offering this spring! I can't wait to stop by their store this weekend to try a few of these pieces on. I'm definitely hoping they'll be offering one of their amazing signature promos over President's Day weekend so I can really stock up!

Do you shop Loft for work or play clothes?  What are you loving for work friendly attire this spring?
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Long Time, No Blog

I truly have good intentions when it comes to blogging, but when I get home from work I just have no desire to sit down and write.  We'll shall see if this blogging rut will come to an end soon, but I thought I'd catch you up on what we've been up to....

-We had friends over for the Superbowl and had a wonderful time!  I made this crock pot pulled pork from Puttin' on the G.R.I.T.S. along with Pioneer Woman's Cilantro-Jalapeno Slaw.  I had always been intimidated by pulled pork, but it was so easy and yummy.  Overall, both dishes were a huge hit and will be made again in our household!

-I hit up Target last weekend to see the new Jason Wu line.  There were just a few pieces that I was curious to see in person, and I was happy to snag the one dress I really wanted.  Overall, the rest of the pieces looked very poorly made with extremely cheap fabric.  I love the dress I got, but definitely wasn't tempted by anything else.  This dress looked great with my long black leggings and Revas for work.

-CAhusband and I tried a new restaurant and went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close this weekend.  I really enjoyed the movie, and definitely shed my share of tears.  I thought it was very well done, and am so happy that I went to see it.  I think CAhusband enjoyed it too, but he kept asking, "Why did you want to see that again, it was so sad."  It was definitely a movie that sticks with you for a bit.  Has anyone else seen it?  What did you think?

-We watched the Grammy's last night, and one thing was made clear.... I am much more of a movie and TV person than a music person.  That being said, I thought Whitney Houston's death was handled very well, I loved Jennifer Hudson's tribute, I was thrilled to see Adele sweep the major awards, and I loved Rihana and Coldplay's performance.  I have no real thoughts on the fashions, except for the fact that Nicki Minaj is bonkers.  
    -I bought this Lululemon Run Swiftly Racerback tank last week, and am in love.  The fabric is lights and airy, and the fit is just perfect.  I now plan to stock up on this top is multiple colors, and highly recommend it.  I have this bright pink so far!

    -Today marks the 2-year anniversary of us bringing home Piper!  It's hard to believe this furry ball of energy has been in our lives for 2-years... boy were things simpler before she came along.  That being said, we love her dearly, and can't imagine our days without her spunky personality!

    -I'm off work today AND next Monday... both in honor of President's Day.  I understand why we get next Monday off, but still don't quite sure why we get Lincoln's birthday off too?  I'm definitely not complaining, and plan to get lots done today and finally watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 with some of my teacher friends this afternoon!  Do any of other teachers get today off? 

    Well there you have it, I blogged!  Hopefully it won't be 2 more weeks before I choose to write again!! 

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    This February

    Thank goodness February is here!  January crept by and truly seemed like the longest month ever.  I'm thrilled that February is here because we will really start to have amazing spring weather.  It will also be a pretty busy month at school, which also helps it to go quickly.  We had to cancel our original plans to head out of town over President's day, but that's okay because it should still be a pretty fun month overall!

    This February I/we will...
    • Root for the Giants in the Super Bowl!  Being big Colts fans, we despise the Patriots.  The thought of them winning the Superbowl in Indy kind of makes me ill... the Giants must win!  We plan to have some friends over for the game, and I can't wait to host a fun afternoon at our house.
    • Go see The Vow!  This is an absolute must, I can't wait to see this movie. 
    • Enjoy Two 3-Day weekends in a row!  We have both the 13th and the 20th off of school, and I'm overjoyed!
    • Try a new recipe for a yummy Valentine's Day dinner at home. Going out to dinner for V-day has proven to be over-rated, so we'll celebrate at home.
    • Watch Smash on NBC.  This show has been over advertised to death, but I still can't wait to watch it.
    • Catch up on some more Best Picture nominees before the Oscars!
    • Do the February Photo a Day Challenge!  I love the idea of this little photo project, and I plan to tweet my daily photo and do one blog post at the end of the month. 
    • Resist the desire to buy any more Girl Scout cookies than I already have.
    What do you have planned this February?

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