My friend Kourtney from The Queens Kourt recently tagged me in 11.11. 

I love reading these Q&A's on other blogs, and love to play along myself, so fun!

Below are my answers to Kourtney's 11 questions:

1. What is your favorite song and why?
Oh, such a tough question.  I think my all time favorite song would have to be The Way You Look Tonight.  This has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember, and it was the song for our first dance at our wedding.

2. Favorite pastime?
I think reading would have to be my favorite, although if I'm being honest, I  enjoy watching TV more than about anything else.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Honestly, I wish I knew.  I've lived in 2 different towns in Indiana, and our current town in the southern CA desert.  I don't really have a desire to return to Indiana, or continue living where we live now, but we don't really know where we want to go.  Some place further east for sure. I've always thought the Carolina's would be a nice combination of closer (but not too close) to family, and warm weather. 
4. How many children do you want to have [if none already]? If you have children, how many and do you plan for more?
We say we want 3, but given that we don't even have one, I feel that it's somewhat ridiculous to make that statement with any confidence.

5. Name 2 of your favorite movies.
My Best Friends Wedding and Father of the Bride.... do you notice a theme?

6. Have you ever done anything crazy to your hair? A weird color, bad cut?
Not really, I've always gone darker in the winter and blonder in the summer. I've always been extremely conservative with my hair choices, I'm not a risk taker!

7. What is your favorite restaurant?
I wish I had some great answer for this, but honestly, it has to be Pizza King in Indiana.  I could eat that pizza 3 times a week and never get tired of it.  I still crave this pizza at least once a week even though I haven't lived in Indiana for nearly 3 years.

8. Embarrassing moment?
Hmmmm.... I'm sure there are some really embarrassing out there, but nothing is coming to mind and I'm trying to get this done in a hurry.  If I ever think of something good I promise to devote a whole post to it!
9. Are you a morning person, or an afternoon/evening person?
I'm a morning person for sure.  I'm always awake 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, and I get a ton done in the morning before work.  After lunch though, my energy really starts to drag and I'm worthless once I get home from work.    

10. Favorite scent?
Hmmmm.... fresh laundry, CAhusband's cologne, garlic, or about any Voluspa candle. 

11. Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper?
I sleep all 3 of these ways, every single night.  I always start out on my back, then I switch to my side, and I wake up on my stomach.  I'm a very restless sleeper and don't really remember the last time I slept through the night.

Okay, now here are my 11 questions for you to answer:
1. Favorite time of year? Why?
2. Drink of choice?
3. What is your favorite chore?  What is your least favorite chore?
4. Favorite childhood TV show?
5. What's your biggest pet peeve?
6. Favorite color to wear?
7. What is your dream job?
8. Top 2 Magazines?
9. Favorite breakfast food?
10. Are you planning to see The Hunger Games this weekend? 
11. Favorite spring-time activity?

I'm officially out of blogging/computer time for the night, so I'm tagging any of you lovely readers who want to play along.  If you choose to answer these questions, make sure you leave me your link in the comments!
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Five Friday Faves

I always look forward to Friday, but this Friday couldn't have come sooner.  This week truly kicked my butt, so I'm hoping that this weekend will hopefully be productive and relaxing.  

Here are some of my favorite things this week...

This tinted balm, is my new obsession!  It's great for my forever dry lips, and has the perfect amount of color!  I can't wait to try some of the other shades... too bad it's pretty pricey for lip balm.

2. GCB
I had high hopes for this show, and it has not disappointed!  I love Kristin Chenoweth, and this show cracks me up.  Are you watching?  What do you think?

3. Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars
"Safe and Sound"
from The Hunger Games Soundtrack
I'm in love with this new song for The Hunger Games.  The fact that I'm fans of both Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars makes this the perfect collaboration, and it gets me even more excited for the movie!

4. Fresh Ranunculas
I was thrilled to see fresh ranunculas at the market this week. Ranunculas are some of my favorite flowers, but they have such a short season so I can never seem to get my hands on them.   Having fresh flowers in the house made me so happy.

 5. Good Laughs on Pinterest
These ecards on Pinterest have had me cracking up this week.  I could post these for days, so perfectly said, and so so true!

What are some of your favorite things this Friday? 

Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend!

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Sneakpeeq Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah Harris, the winner of the $25 Sneakpeeq gift card giveaway! 

A huge thank you to Sneakpeeq for hosting this great giveaway!

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Final Thoughts on The Bachelor

Oh goodness, this season of The Bachelor has finally come to an end!  Overall, if this season hadn't had Courtney wreaking havoc and creating girl drama I think it would have been pretty boring.  I now completely regret feeling bad for Ben and wishing he would be the next Bachelor... what was I thinking, he's such a snooze?

Regardless, the finale was last night and I had so many thoughts and no one to chat about them with (why do none of my IRL friends watch The Bachelor?) so I'm going to share them here.

photo from abc.com

-Of course Courtney would wear black leather gloves and a super sexy black dress for the finale.  Most seasons the girls try to look very bride-like (pretty, soft, and feminine), whereas Courtney was all about the sultry vixen look.  She did look beautiful, but if her look didn't speak volumes for how she dealt with the whole season, I don't know what did.

-Although I didn't really want Courtney to win, I also didn't want Lindzi to win.  Ben and Lindzi never really seemed to have great chemistry, and I always thought their dates were really boring. 

-While I'm on the topic of Lindzi, does anyone else think she wore WAY too much bronzer, and would have looked better with her natural hair color as a brunette? 

-Although Courtney represented herself very poorly with the women on the show, I really did see the chemistry between her and Ben on their dates.

-I think it's really interesting that the After the Final Rose special went the way it did.  Sadly (or not), I honestly don't think Courtney and Ben will make it.  There's just no way Ben can feel the same about her after seeing all of her behavior on the show and knowing that most America despises her.

-I'm SOOO curious to see what all of this will do to Courtney's modeling career.  I could definitely see a lot of catalogs wanting to discontinue their work with her because of her bad reputation, but definitely wouldn't be surprised to see her gracing the covers of a Maxim-like magazine in the near future.  Thoughts?

-I still really wish that Nicki and Kacie B. would have been in the final two.  That's a finale I couldn't have really gotten behind, they're both such great girls!

What did you think of The Bachelor finale last night?  Do you think Courtney and Ben will make it?

Now I just need May 14th to hurry up and get here!  I can't wait to watch Emily's season of The Bachelorette, she's such a doll!! 

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Sneakpeeq Giveaway

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This March

I am so happy that the month of March is here.  March means Spring is coming, and with that comes Spring Break!!  Although we don't have a whole lot going on these next few weeks, I'm definitely looking forward to a lot of things towards this end of the month!! 

This March I will...
-Go see The Lorax at the movie theater with my 2nd graders to wrap up our Dr. Seuss author study!
-Enjoy a weekend afternoon at the local art festival that we love.

-Drink some green beer for St. Patrick's Day!!
-Head home to Indiana on the 28th for my cousin Adam's wedding!  I can't wait to see my family and friends, and I always love a great wedding.  A three day work week will also a nice little bonus!
-Go see The Hunger Games! We'll actually be home in Indiana when it opens, so it will be a little trickey to squeeze in opening weekend, but I'm sure going to try!
-Make no excuses about going to the gym, and go to spin at least 3 times a week!

-Wrap the the third quarter at school with report cards and Parent/Teacher conferences.
-Make this wreath for our front door!
-Head to La Jolla for a week with CAhusband and the pups for my Spring Break!

What will you do this March?

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