Summer Shopping

Although I try really hard to limit my shopping, it is hard!  For the most part I do extremely well during the fall and winter, because it just never really gets cold enough here to get good use out of those clothes.  Plus, when it does, I have a pretty good stockpile of sweaters I love that I try to wear at least once a winter.  When it comes to spring/summer however, I WANT everything.  We have seriously warm temps here 8 months out of the year, so I do actually get really good use out of these clothes.  Yup, you heard it, I'm blaming my shopping problem on the weather.

Anyway, here are some of the things I'm dying to snatch up for this summer...

You better believe if I had $275 to blow on a blouse right now, this would be it!  I love the back, so cute!

This dress is so simple, and would be perfect for hot days in the desert!

I'm a sucker for anything chevron, and think this dress is just adorable.  I really love the back, although the fact that its linen might be a wrinkly deal breaker. 

Stripes AND a bow!  I'm sold!  This is one of my favorite combinations, so pretty and preppy!

I've tried this dress on twice, and always want to buy it.  The fact that its already way to hot for this dress in the desert is the only thing stopping me.  It would be perfect for our time in San Diego though.... hmm?

Love these earrings and this color for summer.  These would make a great addition to so many outfits!

Unfortunately they don't make a P in this adorable cuff, but I'd love an S too!  I love the fun colors and think this would also be the perfect gift for a friend!

I think that about sums up my current wish list... what are you dying to stock your closet with this summer?
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Odds and Ends

After several months with little no desire to blog, I finally feel like I have some blogging material again!  We shall see if it actually produces frequent posting again, but I'm hopeful! Anyway, here are some odds and ends to catch you up!

-Marking another day off of my school calendar each morning is about the happiest part of my days right now (that sounds bad).  We have 37 school days left until summer vacation, and I cannot wait!  These nexts few months will be very busy, so I'm suspecting that it will fly by. 

-CAhusband and I finally went to see The Hunger Games this past weekend! Overall, I give it a solid B. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped it might be, and I don't really think I like Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, but I still enjoyed it.  Although I was team Peeta in the book, I think I'm definitely team Gale for the movies... he's a cutie!

-I read The Lucky One over my Spring Break, and I really enjoyed it!  I haven't read too many Nicholas Sparks books, but it was a nice quick read that kept me entertained.  I think the combination of Taylor Schilling and Zac Efron looks like it will work perfectly for the film, and cannot wait to see it soon.  Anyone else anxious to see this film?  Do those love scenes look steamy or what?  Whew!

-I'm currently reading One Day.  I bought this book forever ago, and am determined to finish it before summer vacation starts.  It's a little slow at this point, but I really want to see the movie and won't watch it until I've finished the book.  I'm hoping it will pick up a bit sooner.  Have you read it?  Any good?
-Twitter was abuzz that Domino was back on magazine stands this weekend, so off to the market I went!  I had to see for myself, and was happy to report it is true!  It's definitely not a magazine though (no ads, super thick pages), and they're called it a special issue for Spring/Summer.  The back advertises that a second special issue will be out in September though, so that's exciting!  Maybe if we all buy these special issues like crazy, they'll bring the monthly magazine back??

-My new Longchamp bag (that was a birthday gift from my parents) finally arrived last week!  My poor bag has traveled all over the country since January due to some shipping mishaps, and I'm thrilled that it's finally here!  I got the new turquoise color, and absolutely love it!  This bag is perfect for school, and will get tons of use. LOVE!

-Did you all watch Giuliana Rancic's True Hollywood Story?  I just caught it recently, and I swear it made me love her even more.  This current season of Giuliana and Bill is going to be really good, while also extremely sad.  My heart just breaks for all of their struggles. I want those two to be able to have a baby so badly.

-I still need to do some photo recap posts from our Indiana trip for my cousin's wedding and for our week in La Jolla for my Spring Break.  I just hate uploading pictures onto my computer, does anyone else have this problem?

I hope you're all having a great week!  Hopefully I'll be back again tomorrow! : )

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It's For a Younger Crowd?

A few weeks ago while purchasing a casual dress at
Nordstrom in San Diego the following conversation took place:

Nordys Girl: Cute dress, are you wearing this for Easter?

CAwife:  No, I'm actually thinking about wearing it for Stagecoach. 
(Please note: It was definitely not an Easter appropriate dress)

Nordys Girl: Oh, what's that?

CAwife: Think of it as the tamer country music version of Coachella.

Nordys Girl: Oh, okay.  I'm going to Coachella for the first weekend.  Is Stagecoach at the polo fields too?

CAwife: Yup, we actually live in the desert.  I'm just not quite sure if Coachella would be my scene.

Nordys Girl: Yeah, I'm sure it wouldn't.  It's for the younger crowd.

Cue my shock... was she calling me old? 

She was definitely inferring that she thought 26 year-old CAwife was not young enough to enjoy the craziness that is Coachella.  Although I'm sure I set myself up for her remarks, I was still offended. She was no more than 2 years younger than I am.  If she could hang, why couldn't I?

Truth be told, she was probably right.
I'm a little tame to handle such a drug filled music festival. 

I honestly haven't even heard of a majority of the bands that perform. 

And I'm almost certain that I don't own a single outfit hippie enough to be deemed Coa-appropriate.

All weekend CAhusband and I giggled at the hung over campers stumbling through the market with another fifth of vodka in hand.  We also felt sympathy for the long line of sleepy festival goers still in line for the taxis at 9 AM the following morning as we went for a bike ride.  And today I was extremely jealous of everyone buzzing about their celeb sightings and all of the great shows they saw.

Although I never thought Coachella would be my scene, I now most definitely want to try to score tickets for weekend 2.  I mean, I clearly have something to prove. 

Word on the street is that all of the celebs came for weekend 1, but the line-up is the same and the weather will be much better for weekend 2.  Now I'm making it my mission to convince CAhusband to get us some tickets! 

To check out the celeb scoop from Coachella Weekend 1 head over
to Day Old News for all of her recaps 1. 2. 3.   

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This April

Yay, April is here!  I've been looking forward to this month for awhile because we have so many fun things planned.  The weather is about perfect in the desert this time of year, and we will also start spending a lot more time outside.  We're also entering the final stretch in the school year, which means these last 9 weeks of school will absolutely fly by. 

This April I will...
  • Enjoy my Spring Break in La Jolla with the dogs and CAhusband.  We're currently enjoying a little beach cottage just a short walk from the ocean and are having a wonderful time.
  • Search for the perfect cowboy boots (and outfits) for Stagecoach!
  • Enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday with our little family.
  • Try my best to avoid 2 weekends of crazy Coachellafest traffic.   
  • Go see The Hunger Games!  Due to our recent trip to Indiana and our current trip in La Jolla I still haven't been able to see this movie, and it's killing me.  This is a MUST DO!
  • Continue to hunt for Stagecoach tickets!  They sold out for the very first time this year (very early on), and we were caught a little off guard.  Anyone with a lead on tickets, let me know.
  • Plant some fresh flowers in our pots outside.
  • Enjoy a long weekend with VAbelle and Charlie during their visit to the desert!  They will be in town towards the end of the month, and we cannot wait to spend some quality time with them.
  • Obsessively count down to the end of the school year.  43 days to go!
  • Try to find some coral jeans, and attempt to pull them off as well as Princess Kate!
  • Finish reading The Lucky One, and go see the movie.
  • Revert back to my super light summer blonde!
I'm can't wait to all of the fun things that we have going on in the month ahead!  What are you up to this April?

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March Photo A Day

Once again I participated in Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge!  I really struggled to be creative and think outside the box on a lot of these photos, but it was a fun little challenge nonetheless.  I didn't quite get all 31 photos, but I did get most of them.  Enjoy!

1. {UP!} Such a cute move, and literally all I could come up with once I read the theme for the day!

2. {FRUIT} in its very best form!  Enjoying a Friday night at our local wine bar.

3. A look up the street in {OUR NEIGHBORHOOD}.

4. My {BEDSIDE} table! 

5. Grading papers with {A SMILE}.

6. My typical {5 PM}.  A quick change into leggings and UGGS after school and a quick snack!

7. {SOMETHING I WORE} to school!

8. The view out of my classroom {WINDOW}.

9. {RED} on my classroom clip-chart! 

10. A very {LOUD} evening at 3rd Corner with friends!

12. A {FORK} full of lobster mac and cheese!

14. The view through my sun roof. No {CLOUDS} today.

15. A very messy {CAR}. 

16. {SUNGLASSES} on a very sunny day!

17. {GREEN} Lucky Charms cupcakes I made for school!

20. {BEFORE} Waking up to some major bed head, and the {AFTER} once it's been tamed!

21. {DELICIOUS} Sprinkles cupcakes!  I drove to San Diego to meet Nick for dinner before our flight out to Indiana.  We definitely made sure to squeeze in a trip to Sprinkles on our way to the airport.

23. Phases of the {MOON} flow maps outside my classroom.
24. My favorite new {ANIMAL} print dress. 

25. My standard {BREAKFAST} of Special K and a banana.

26. Car {KEYS} hanging out on my desk at school.

27. {MY NAME} outside my classroom.

29. {FEET} in my favorite spring-time wedges.

30.  A basket full of dog {TOYS}.

31. {WHERE I RELAX}, or at least where I'll be relaxing for this week. 
Enjoying the beautiful view in La Jolla for Spring Break!

Up next is the April Challenge, and I can't wait to play along once again.
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